Virtual Permit Parking

What is Virtual Permit Parking?

Virtual Permit Parking (VPP) requires no physical permit or decal to be displayed on a car windshield or dashboard. Parking enforcement agents scan the vehicle's license plate number to see if the car has a permit.

When is it Coming to Area 5 (Ridgely’s Delight)?

Fall of 2021.

What Will I Have to Do?

You will go online to a secure website to apply for and pay for your permit(s). This will include entering your vehicle's information and uploading the required documentation.

How Will I Know if it Worked?

The Parking Authority will review your application and the documentation. Once approved, you will receive an email saying the permit was approved and your vehicle information is immediately available to Baltimore City Department of Transportation’s Parking Enforcement agents. They will scan license plate numbers to verify the car has a permit instead of looking for a decal on the vehicle’s windshield.

What About Visitor Permits?

Visitor permits will be online, too. Simply enter the license plate number, date, and timeframe when a visitor will be parking in the neighborhood.

Has This Been Done Before?

Riverside, a South Baltimore neighborhood, was approved for residential permit parking in 2019. Residents in this neighborhood launched with the virtual permits rather than start with decals and transition to virtual permit parking later.

Can I Get My Permits When the Office is Closed?

Yes. Residents will be able to renew their permits when the office is closed—on the weekends, in the evenings, on a holiday, or even during a snowstorm.

What Now?

Wait to receive an email from the City's Parking Authority. If you want to make sure you are on the email list for Area 5, click here.