Ridgely’s Record

Ridgely’s Delight Association (RDA) September community meeting

There will be an online community meeting on Wednesday, October 7 at 7 pm. Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Ridgely’s Delight is welcome, but preregistration for this Zoom event will be required. Sign up through the neighborhood website.

Voting in community meetings

In order to vote on a motion before the Ridgely’s Delight Association (RDA) or in its Board election, you must be a member of the RDA and in Good Standing. The Bylaws committee has published a guide explaining what that means during COVID times. http://www.ridgelysdelight.org/rda/voting

October Street Sweeping Dates

Automatic street sweeping has been canceled until further notice. If you’re able to help, please take a moment and clean in front of your house.

Trash is picked up every Wednesday.
Recycling pickup is canceled until further notice

Development proposal for 727 West Pratt Street

There’s been a proposal for the redevelopment of 727-733 W. Pratt Street and 211-213 S. Fremont Street (including the old Harbor Way Inn). Representatives from the developer will attend this month’s community meeting. To view the concepts visit http://www.ridgelysdelight.org/pratt-construction

Postponing the neighborhood elections

Historically, the association board elections take place in November. The current board, with the exception of one who has moved from Ridgely's, has agreed to continue at their current capacity until we are able to vote in person. Because of all the COVID restrictions, the board was not able to hold meetings or plan neighborhood events. Future newsletters will contain more information as we attempt to navigate through the new normal.

Ridgely’s Delight Halloween 2020

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating may not be like previous years. We want to ask residents to get involved in a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt for the neighborhood children to participate in. Once signed up, you will be assigned a number for your pumpkin and you can put it on your stoop to give the kids in the neighborhood an opportunity to still get out and walk around in their costumes searching for all of the numbered pumpkins.

For complete information visit the neighborhood website at: http://www.ridgelysdelight.org/halloween-pumpkin-hunt

National Night Out recognition

For more years than we can remember, the Ridgely’s Delight Association has had an annual pot luck dinner in Conway Park to celebrate National Night Out. The event was a way for neighbors to get to know one another, for us to interact and thank first responders, and for us to invite our city officials to an informal picnic. It was always a great success and the neighborhood children always loved climbing on the fire trucks. 

The event had already been postponed from August to October, but, we have cancelled the community event for this year. Instead, we ask that everyone turn on their porch lights throughout the evening of Tuesday, October 6, to acknowledge our first responders.

If you would like to do more, our Southern District Police Station and the University of Maryland Police are accepting baked goods as a lovely gesture of thanks. Please email lindahansenfritz@comcast.net or sharon@reuter.net to coordinate the drop off. The Steadman Fire Station (Engine 23) is not accepting baked goods, but very much appreciate the offer. 

Recycling update

Curbside recycling pickups have been suspended until Oct. 31. You can drop off your recyclables at one of the nearby Community Collection Centers. They're open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

DPW Southwest Sanitation Yard
701 Reedbird Avenue

Digital Harbor High School
1100 Covington Street

The association is attempting to arraign for an occasional, central pickup point in the neighborhood. Watch our Facebook page for details.

The 2020 state and national elections

This year, you have the option of voting by mail or voting in-person. If you choose to vote by mail, you will need to submit your mail-in ballot request no later than October 20th. Once you receive your ballot, you have the option of returning it by mail or you can drop it off at one of the 31 ballot drop boxes across the city. If you choose to vote in-person, Baltimore has 24 voting centers and 8 early voting sites, including Camden Yards.

School survey

George Washington Elementary School is exploring options for how to improve the outdoor area around the school for students and community members. They’re looking for your input, take the survey at: tinyurl.com/gwesoutdoors

Renovation Reminders

All home improvement renovation work requires a Baltimore City permit. Additionally, Ridgely’s Delight is a historic neighborhood in a CHAP district and exterior work on your home requires CHAP approval prior to the start of any renovation. To review the guidelines, please visit chap.baltimorecity.gov. You may also contact the chair of the neighborhood Architectural Review Committee with any renovation related questions: arc@ridgelysdelight.org.