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Ridgely’s Delight Association (RDA)Community Meeting Canceled

The monthly meetings for April have been canceled. Check our website, and follow Ridgely’s Delight on Facebook for updates on future meetings.

Hello Ridgely’s Delight Neighbors. 

We’re all changing how we do things due to COVID-19, a viral infection which can cause severe respiratory problems. As of my writing, Maryland has hundreds of cases requiring hospitalization and at least four deaths. The hospital where I work is beginning to fill with critically-ill patients with COVID-19. For the past week, the National Guard has been preparing temporary hospital beds at the convention center and tents throughout the city in anticipation of a wave of severely sick individuals. The uncertainty is scary.

The good news is that other countries have already begun aggressive research in how to care for patients afflicted with COVID-19. In the meantime, our patience and perseverance will pay dividends in lives saved. 

A few tips to help you through the coming weeks.

1) Avoid click-bait and use reputable resources for your COVID-19 information:

Baltimore City — https://health.baltimorecity.gov/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov
State — https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/
National — https://www.cdc.gov
International — https://www.who.int

All other sources should be highly suspect and cross-checked with one of the above organizations.

2) Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene work

COVID-19 spreads through inhalation of exhaled droplets or touching contaminated surfaces. By keeping 6 feet of distance between us and by practicing frequent, thorough hand-washing, the chance of sharing the virus is reduced. This may take a long time to work or until a vaccine is made. Safe vaccines are not expected to be available until about 2021.

3) Occupy your mind

  • Build healthy habits and explore new hobbies. Ever wanted to get into an art, an instrument, a craft? You have time on your hands to check it out.
  • Make video chat dinner plans with friends and family
  • Go out for socially distanced walks
  • Shake down your hoarding relatives for N95 and surgical masks! We need them at the hospital and are already running out.

Thanks for continuing to follow infection prevention guidelines. It keeps everyone safe. It also keeps myself and other healthcare providers from having to make impossible ethical choices about who does and does not receive lifesaving resources.

Take care,
Bobby Goodfellow
Vice President, Ridgely’s Delight Association

Neighbors helping Neighbors in Ridgely’s during COVID-19

Ridgely’s neighbors have developed a network of volunteers to run errands such as grocery shopping or prescription pickup for those who are in self-isolation due to being in a high-risk group or quarantine. If you need assistance, please contact Deb O’Neill at 410-279-2352 and she will connect you with a volunteer. If you’d like to volunteer, you can also contact Deb and she will add you to the list. Thanks to everyone doing their part to flatten the curve — stay well!


April Street Sweeping Dates

Street sweeping has been canceled until further notice. If you’re able to help, please take a moment and clean in front of your house.
Trash is picked up every Wednesday.
Recycling is picked up every Friday.