Ridgely’s Record

Ridgely’s Delight Association (RDA)Community Meeting — Wednesday, February 5

Our monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 5, starting at 7 p.m. in the back dining room of Frank & Nic’s West End Grille (511 W. Pratt St.). 

You are encouraged to attend if you live, own property or a business in Ridgely’s Delight. The RDA board meeting will immediately follow the community meeting. 

February 19 (odd side)
February 26 (even side)

Trash is picked up every Wednesday.
Recycling is picked up every Friday.
Street sweeping occurs every 3rd Wednesday on the odd side of the street and every 4th Wednesday on the even side of the street. 

Neighborhood Happy Hour

Come out and meet your neighbors and share a beer! We have planned a community happy hour for Friday, February 7, at Suspended Brewing Company (912 Washington Blvd. in Pigtown). The event starts at 6:30pm and will continue until the tavern closes at 9pm. Suspended makes hoppy beers, lagers, dark beers with lots of roast flavor, mild beers, sour beers, beers with fruits & veggies, and lots of fun variants. In addition to beer, they have gluten-free and non-alcoholic beverages, including kombucha.

Washington Blvd. Retail Space Update

The owner of the Portland St. apartments whose property extends to Washington Blvd. has not been successful in finding an occupant for their retail space. They have decided to convert that storefront into apartment space. There will be no changes to the exterior of the property. Occupants would not be eligible to participant in the residential parking program.


Community Dumpster

A dumpster for community use is scheduled for Saturday, February 22. It will be located in the 600 block of West Conway St., and should arrive sometime between 8 and 9am. It will be picked up approximately 4 hours later. Here’s a chance to remove large branches or debris from the neighborhood. Broken furniture, old rugs or a few things from your basement are fine. Please do not dispose of any building materials. No lumber, drywall, siding, roofing material, etc. Empty or dried up latex paint cans are ok, but not oil-based paint. No electronics or hazardous material. Please ask if you’re not sure. Thanks in advance for helping keep our neighborhood clean.

Recycling is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Use any container you want: paper bags, cardboard boxes, or an old laundry basket. You can even use trash cans (just mark it “recycling”). The only rule? Do not place recycling in plastic bags.
  2. Fill your container with recyclables: paper, cans, cardboard, and bottles. Please try to make sure that things are secure because recycling pickup days tend to be the windest days of the week :-)
  3. Put your containers out for pickup on Friday mornings. There are no limits on the amount of recycling they will collect. 

Contaminated recycling can’t be used and further increases the City’s processing costs at a time when the recycling market faces economic pressure. Plastic-bagged recyclables account for the majority of the City’s recycling contaminants. Additional sources of contamination include clamshell food containers, Styrofoam, bottles and jars that are not empty, and clothing. 

For a complete list of what items are acceptable go to https://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/pw-recycling/faq