Ridgely’s Record

November community meeting

This month’s community meeting will be held outdoors and in-person on Wednesday, November 2, at 7pm in the Melvin/Penn playground. There will be an online option for anyone who is uncomfortable with meeting in person. In the case of rain, the meeting will move to Pickles Pub. That decision will be made one hour before the meeting. Details will be posted on the Ridgely’s website at: ridgelysdelight.org/nov22-meeting

RDA annual elections

The Ridgely’s Delight Association will hold elections for board members at the November community meeting. The current slate of candidates is:

President: Bobby Goodfellow
Vice President Operations: David Sebastiao
Vice President Communication: Bill Reuter
Secretary: Maia Tatinclaux
Treasurer: Karin Lundquist
Parliamentarian: Paul Rubenson
Board members: Gerri Salley, Julie Day, Nicole Dungee, Clare Elliott, and Julia Lebherz

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting. RDA is a volunteer organization and no dues are required for membership. To be eligible, you must have attended a few meetings or events prior to November. See the Ridgely’s website for more information.

November Ridgely’s happy hour

This month’s Ridgely’s Delight happy hour will be at Friend’s Grille in Pigtown (737 Carroll Street), starting at 5:30pm. They will be reserving the second floor for us. Everyone is welcome!

Halloween scavenger hunt

Ridgely’s Delight is hosting our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt on Halloween between 5pm and 7pm. Please let Susan know that your kids are participating by emailing her at suclay62@gmail.com. Maps can be picked up in the playground that night after 5pm. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the evening.

Neighborhood mulch day

Mulch was dropped at two sites: the NW corner of the playground and the NE corner of Conway park. The official mulch day will be Saturday (afternoon) 10/29 but please feel free to take mulch all week long at your convenience for personal and public area use in the neighborhood. Feel free to mulch street trees, the pergola or any other public space. We will monitor use and gauge our spring mulch order on this — so go for it!

Community dumpster

There will be a dumpster on Conway Street for community use on the morning of Saturday, November 12. The dumpster will be dropped off in the neighborhood at approximately 9am and then picked up again by 11am.

Do not use it for appliances (including microwaves and air conditioners), paint or building materials. Abuse could limit our ability to receive dumpsters from the city in the future.

Please don't put your trash in the dumpsters behind apartments buildings in our community. Those dumpsters are for the apartment residents use only.

Conway Park renovations

The South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, together with Rec & Parks, is seeking proposals to re-imagine the section of Conway Park on the north side of Conway Street. Stay tuned — the chosen designers will be looking for community input on what we'd like to see happen there.

Annual holiday party

The Ridgely’s Delight holiday party is tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 2. Watch for more details. 

November recycling dates

Recycling is collected in the neighborhood on a bi-weekly schedule. Our pickup days this month will be:

  • Friday, November 4
  • Friday, November 18

Street sweeping

Street sweeping is back. The scheduled sweeping dates in Ridgely’s are:

  • Odd sides of the street — Wednesday, November 16
  • Even sides of the street — Wednesday, November 23