Ridgely’s Record

October community meeting

There will be an online community meeting on Wednesday, October 6, at 7 pm. Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Ridgely’s Delight is welcome, but preregistration for this Zoom event will be required. The agenda will include a presentation on a large scale residential and retail development — the Compass — planned for the Lexington Market/Howard Street area. Sign up for the meeting through our neighborhood website.

October street sweeping dates

Street sweeping remains suspended due to the pandemic. Watch for announcements regarding a restart date soon.
Trash will be picked up every Wednesday.
Recycling will be picked up every Friday.

Upcoming elections

The Ridgely’s Delight Association will hold elections for board members at the November community meeting. The current list of canidates includes:

President: (No candidate yet.)
Vice President Operations: Bobby Goodfellow
Vice President Communication: Bill Reuter
Secretary: Maia Tatinclaux
Treasurer:  Karin Lundquist
Parliamentarian: Paul Rubenson
Board members: Farzana Muhib, Christine Middleton, Ab Bear, Julie Day, Susan Clayton (5 positions available)

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting. RDA is a volunteer organization and no dues are required for membership. To be eligible, you must have attended a few meetings or events prior to November. See the Ridgely’s website for more information.

This month's neighborhood happy hour

Come and meet your neighbors at another great Ridgely’s Delight happy hour! On Friday, October 1, we will be at Checkerspot Brewing (1399 S. Sharp St.), starting at 5:30pm. We have reserved an outdoor seating area with plenty of room for everyone.

Thinking that you might want to walk to the brewery, but don’t want to do it alone (or don’t know the way)? A group from the neighborhood is planning to meet in front of the Sunoco gas station at 5:30pm and walk over together (approx. 1 mile).

This is a “vaccination preferred” event. We ask that all attendees maintain a safe social distance and respect boundaries of others while there.

Virtual Permit Parking (VPP) is here

It’s time to sign up for VPP in Ridgely’s Delight!  On November 1st, we will switch over to virtual residential parking permits in Ridgely’s. When this program goes into effect, you will no longer have paper decals and guest passes.  Instead, enforcement officers will use license plate readers that coordinate with the VPP database to determine who has the proper credentials to park in our Residential Parking spaces.

To obtain your virtual permit(s) and guest pass, you have to create a new VPP account with the Parking Authority and submit the requisite documents. This can all be done online. Visit https://pabc.myparkinginfo.com/

To watch a video on how to set up an account, click here.

You are encouraged to order your new credentials as early as possible. In order to meet the November 1 start date, you’ll need to do it no later than October 28.

New recycling cans coming

Residential Recycling Carts will be distributed to all city residents over the next 4 months. These new recycling carts will hold 65-gallons (the same as the standard City trash-can). If you live on a smaller street, like Dover or Melvin, or have limited space, you can call 311 now for a smaller cart or to opt-out completely. Postcards will be mailed to eligible households 30 – 45 days in advance to inform residents of upcoming arrival. https://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/residential-recycling-carts

Tot Lot Ping Pong Tournament

Congratulations to Garrett and Caleb — winners of the 2021 Ridgely's Ping Pong Tournament. 
Photo from the Ping Pong Tournament

Renovation reminders

All home improvement renovation work requires a Baltimore City permit. Additionally, Ridgely’s Delight is a historic neighborhood in a CHAP district and exterior work on your home requires CHAP approval prior to the start of any renovation. To review the guidelines, please visit chap.baltimorecity.gov.