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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

chad, al, maia, bobby, bill, ab, adam, paul, farzaana, megan   

  • Discussion as to how we do this.  

Farzaana What constitutes a MIGS?, how to manage?

Why do we have a board if they are not trusted to carry out business of board? Al

Why are we open board with non board members commenting during meetings 

minutes should be on website and then voted on by a quorum

Paul, there is a time exigent clause that states if things need to be done and we dont have quorum, bylaws say we can move things forward with this clause. community cant always act upon things in a timely manner.  

Bill - other boards he serves on, non board members sit outside of board’s table, cannot talk during meeting until they are called upon to contribute to meetings. 

Chad be productive and include more people 

Adam follow rules but adjust and tweak rules to imporve upon them with bylaws committee

Megan - 2 solutions 

1 amend bylaws to define participation 

2 timelimits on non board members speaking during board meetings 

Propose: that non members can speak only after board discussion on issues and before votes with a limited amount of time allotted to them.  

This idea to be brought before bylaws committee for suggested language  

seconded and approved  

Propose: bylaws committee discuss repercussions for speaking out of turn 

not sure if we voted on this

Board minutes approved 

Finance Committee - now is : al, farzaana, chad,  adam appointed by president  

  • Vote on Budget time exigent all approve  
  • Beautification committee chair update

Bill suggests we return grant $.  We havent spent it.  

Motion : 

people who paid money into the grant be paid back - passed unanimously  

close out grant with sbgp and get a wheelbarrow and write a letter - passed unanimously  

idea to pursue the say yes program for leaf cleaning   

  • Protocols and procedures for board meetings