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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Frank & Nic’s West End Grill, 7:00 pm

Welcome by President Pasarella 

Active committee reports

-     SBG Partnership (Bill)  New grant proposals close on Fri. Feb 28th.  Grant Writing drop in clinic at City Garage on Feb. 26th. 

Marissa Ramierez communication person from SBG.  Conference for community organizations at Horseshoe Casino, April 3rd.

-      Parking - (Ab ) We’re second for VPP roll out, Riverside first, keep waiting.  Electric charging station pilot proposed, neighborhood interested, parking committee to draft letter and run it by community.

-      ARC (paul) New house on Paca/Warner almost done.  No news on Pratt St.  developments, 2 Portland st. rehabs are ongoing.

-      Bylaws (Paul and Farzaana) Committee had face to face meeting, priorities are to format bylaws and publish them on website.

-      Budget (Chad)  Presented proposed RDA budget for 2020 - hard copy attached, not approved

-      Crime and Safety

Al has reached out to police to get crime reports.   not here this month , hopefully next month

 (Adam’s guest speaker) Lexi lived here 5 years, owns dogs, last two weeks, two incidents with other dogs off leashes.  Stressing importance of keeping dogs on leash.  

Linda Hansen tells us its the  law to leash dogs in city.  Has noticed lately dogs are walking towards park off leash, concerned about kids playing and loose dogs.  

Discussion about what to do.  Action items:  will check the signs in the park.  will call councilman if its missing.  will add item to the newsletter.  

Paul suggests enlisting signage parking committee folks to update signs.  Dismissed as their scope in narrowly focused

Discussed asking police for help, dismissed as they have enough on their plates

Call 311, animal control, have been very responsive in the past.  

-      Playground repaving (Al Passarella) no report at this time 

New business 

-      Community Happy Hour- Friday, February 7th at 6:30 pm at Suspended Brewery in Pigtown. donation box for GWE PTA

-      DPW dumpster delivery for February 22nd.  Future Dates are: 5.16, 6.27, 11.14  

Mayors spring cleanup, not sure of date 

DPW representative suggests that we order trucks vs. dumpsters, will send us info on hazardous waste drop off dates 

DPW rep. provided us with hard copies of the 4 following programs 

1bmore beautiful vacant land workshops flyers on table

2golden gazette - park and recs program for seniors flyers on table

3yhto career counseling flyers on table

4say yes program seasonal youth program  

His personal number 443 534 0574 nutley.larry@baltimorecity.gov (please verify number and email address)

Linda Hansen asking for  cleanups on Sundays vs. Saturdays, she’s busy

Al asking for guidance on community cleanups  (not sure from whom)

  • Reconstituting finance committee - Farzaana, bylaws state we are required to have a finance committee.  must produce report each june to report on state of finances of the community.  

move finance committee to board meeting 

shooting on Freemont, going to trial in April  not pleading