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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Confirmation of meetings at Frank & Nics through March

  • We are good to meet at Frank & Nics without issue through at least March, but once Baseball season starts (if there is a game during the meeting night), we need to either (a) find a different place or (b) choose a different night

  • Several board members felt that choosing a different night should be avoided if possible

  • The possibility of the Babe Ruth Museum as an alternative venue was suggested

  • Al agreed to review the Orioles 2020 schedule and identify the conflicts before the next meeting

2020 Budget

  • Chad handed out draft budget for 2020 for review

  • A discussion ensued as to the board’s philosophy regarding out budget? 

    • Do we spend more of our budget? 

    • Do we do fundraising?

  • A further discussion ensued regarding actual spending and transparency considerations

    • Does the community need to vote on the budget?

  • Do we package this to the community to view or vote on it as a board first?

    • Paul would be comfortable spending down to at least half of the kitty amount

    • To get grants that require in kind contribution might be a justification for keeping the kitty

    • Can we use the money to pay someone to do some external ground maintenance (e.g. leaves)

      • Might work if we keep the workers local (e.g. neighborhood kids) for individual ad hoc jobs

      • A motion was made to bring up to the community whether we can allocate funds for some ad hoc community cleanup…[approved]

    • Should we still support George Washington Elementary school or PTA?

  • Al then asked if there were some specific things that needed to be purchased

    • Wheel barrow was mentioned

    • Sy brought up the need, perhaps, for a wireless mike and a sound system

    • A motion was made for Sy to research a karaoke type system with a wireless mike…[approved]

  • Chad went through a line item list of the budget for group discussion

Crime and safety committee- Should we reconstitute this? 

  • Should we just keep bringing the police to meetings?

  • There was general consensus that we need to be proactive and educate

  • Crime updates should be in the newsletter (e.g. trends, what to be looking out for, safety tips)

Strengthening neighborhood engagement and results of community polling conversation continued


What would you like to have ownership over? Where can you take the lead? (Al Passarella leads) 

  • We need not make this too complicated

  • Get the community buy in and participation

  • We also need to be ok if some things do not get done

  • Organization of social events, for now community happy hours, will fall under the membership committee (Bill)

  • Beautification Committee

  • Crime and Safety Committee


[Adjournment at 9pm]