Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, January 8, 2020


New President (Al Passarella) introduced himself and acknowledged the 2020 members of the board

Active committee reports

 LDC / South Baltimore Gateway Partnership (Bill Reuter)

  • Working on some interesting projects for Middle Branch Park (final plan should be in place next week)

  • Paying for a new trash wheel

  • New rec center in Cherry Hill

  • A possible second project for Middle Branch (may be a trail)

Parking Study update (Ab)

  • Still waiting on Parking Authority

  • Some committee members have been walking around the community to assess the correctness/appropriateness of the parking signs to make sure that they are consistent and say what they need to say

ARC (Paul)

  • Looking into two residential properties on Portland St (628 and 714)

  • Big project on Pratt street and a few others

  • Promising plan for Indian Pavilion property (changes may include changing the façade to 19th century style facade + apartments and other retail space)

Bylaws (Paul)

  • Meeting hopefully this month; will hopefully provide the list of possible changes next month

Budget (Chad)

  • Chad read the budget items

  • Community was under budget by about $850

  • A new budget will be established at this month’s (January) board meeting

Playground repaving (Al Passarella) 

  • Working with Chris Firehook and a few others to talk about money needed for improvements

  • Preliminary figure is in the neighborhood of about $14k

New business 

Polling the community?  What is the consensus two or three priorities you would like the board to focus on in 2020? 

The following is a summary of items that were offered from the floor:

  • Safety and crime

  • Less rules more fun and more informal social events

  • [Historical] preservation

  • Car charging stations for electric cars

  • Building community

  • More social events but with more variety than just monthly happy hours

  • More family friendly and fun movies for “movies in the park” nights

Newsletter delivery: Can you assist in getting the newsletter delivered? 

  • Julie Day and Christine Middleton volunteered

Beautification committee: Soliciting new members?

  • Any interest in reconstituting this committee

  • There was some talk of interest in getting this done, but nothing was committed to at this meeting


[Adjournment at 7:48pm]