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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, March 4, 2020


  • Meeting began at 7pm

New business 

Police Department Update (Major Conway)

  • A tough week in Cherry Hill last week, but back to normal

  • Two new initiatives are in place

    • Foot area in Washing Blvd. and on Warren Street 

    • Warrant units

  • Started a “robbery car” between sector three and sector four

  • Double digit numbers lower on all crime numbers except for homicides

  • Team looking at Social Media as a pre-emptive strike to try and get people help

  • Homicide on Wash Blvd.- the deceased use to sell drugs and other was found dead in an alley (also use to sell drugs)

  • We are losing officers but morale in Southern district is getting better

  • Eric Costello is pushing the camera initiative

  • Armed carjacking in Penn

    • Vehicle was recovered

    • Robbery team caught two robbers

    • Saw more that suggests that there was a pattern - case consistent at times between different neighborhoods

    • They are going after areas that are target rich

    • Targeting Hispanics because they tend to not report

Update from Scott C. Davis, Neighborhood, LGBTQ and Hispanic Community Liaison, from the Office of City Council President Scott

  • US Census is happening in March and can be completed on line

  • Mid May you may be hassled if you do not complete form

  • Charter Amendments currently being debated in the City Council (changing city’s charter) to be voted on in November

    • Reducing Board of Estimates from 5 to 3

    • Creates the position of a City Administrator to handle the day-to-day nuts and bolts for making sure the city functions

    • Charter Review Commission every 10 years

Community Happy Hour- Friday, March 6th at 6 pm at Breaking Bread in Pigtown

  • Social event, with games and puzzles

  • Food can be ordered but BYOB

Request from Clausen Ely III for RDA letter of support for opening day events

  • Owns property on Portland Street for opening day party just beyond Quigley’s party

  • Without objection Al agreed to draft a letter of support

Electric Car Charging Station discussion (Deb)

  • City has a committee on how we get electric charging stations installed

  • Some debate about a pilot neighborhood

  • If we are interested, we might consider sending a letter offering our neighborhood

  • Limited info about the criteria we are going to use other than not in front of any residential house and on public property

  • Burgundy lot or South Conway?

  • We would like to have input as to where these might go

  • Deb thinks it will help property values and attractive to renters

  • Motion: that the RDA submit a letter asking to be part of the pilot and requesting that we have input to the location where the stations are installed-The motion was seconded (Al) and approved

Active committee reports

SBG Partnership (Bill Reuter submitted report)

  • Application is closed and will reopen in the summer

Parking (update from the floor - Deb)

  • PPV pilot is nearly ready, still a few glitches

  • Software will be out for beta test

  • Pilot to Ridgely’s in May (shooting for)

  • Changed fine structure to double files for more than one RPP violation has never been enforced

  • The committee thinks it is a good idea to start enforcing

ARC (Paul)

  • New house at the corner of Paca is complete and on the market

  • Three window replacement projects on three separate streets

Bylaws (Paul)

  • Trying to get the updated version of the bylaws on the website

Budget (Chad)

  • Board approved proposed budget at the last meeting

  • Taxes will be filed soon


Adjournment at 7:56pm