April 2024 Community Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, April 3, 2024
  1. Minutes approved

  2. No BPD update this week – has been a quiet month

  3. Announcements:

    1. Community Dumpster April 13th – we are having a community cleanup that day specifically to try and get large limbs that have fallen in Conway Park

    2. Mayor’s Spring Cleanup – see new business at end of meeting

    3. Community advisory board – looking for members to apply to serve on the board for the Redline project – Nicole has details if anyone is interested!

    4. Easter Egg hunt was a success! Thank you Molly and Eileen for organizing!

    5. Community HH is Friday at Flock with pigtown, Barre Circle, Hollins, etc.

  4. Councilwoman Phylicia Porter – will be our Council Person starting in December due to redistricting – Ridgely’s now in District 10

    1. Has worked in community organizing for 10 years

    2. Focused on coordinating responses to constituent issues between city agencies

    3. Has 4 pilars to platform – 1 -  efficient gov’t response, 2 – have a community-centered safety plan – environmental design for public safety and partner with BPD and community networks, 3 – local schools should be responsive to the community, 4 – have responsive businesses – want more local businesses to brand district 10 as not just industrial so people can stay in the neighborhood for what they need

    4. Open forum for questions 

      1. Question about the pricerite that closed at Mount Clare Junction  - Ms. Porter has spearheaded efforts to get a new grocer in that location – currently under renovation – working on entire shopping center, not just grocery store – should open by the end of the year will be Jumbo Fresh

      2. Question about the Dollar General at Washington and MLK – she is co-sponsoring a bill to limit the number of dollar stores in the city. The councilwoman is focused on checking and making sure the food is safe and engaging attorney general when we see price gouging at that store. The 7-11 is reopening as small convenience store.

      3. Question about new coffee shop where Zeke’s was. Property owner is challenging, but there is an active negotiation with new coffee shop.

      4. Question about timeframe for stump removal and getting a new tree in its place – easy with just a new tree, but stump removal is a 9-12 month backlog right now. They have planted flower gardens around stumps in the meantime in District 10.

      5. Question about homeless encampments in the parks. Ms. Porter has introduced a modular home bill to try and address issues of homelessness – wants to put modular homes on vacant lots. Do general cleaning and have a hazardous waste contractor to deal with needles and sharps, but telling people to move from a public place becomes a civil rights issue. Follow up question that public parks close at sundown – if the signs are posted, then we can kick people out.

      6. Question about the Camden Yards development? Still under negotiation, but we would like to be considered in the plans! Phylicia will find out more.

  5. Homeless outreach options – presentation from Molly

    1. You can submit/report encampments via 311 – you can call 311, use the web, or the mobile app. Call center hours are 6 am to 10 pm. More 311 reporting helps get the City’s attention.

    2. Mayor’s office for homeless services

    3. Downtown Partnership homeless outreach – but not in ridgey’s

    4. Question – what services are available nearby? Needle exchange at Spark in Pigtown and Paul’s Place has meals and lockers to store property and triage services, and UMD has services

  6. Pubic Comment

    1. Matt Stewart from Section 771 – came to introduce himself, will have family-focused events. Willing to help with cleanup efforts and stuff like that. Want to be part of the community.

    2. Mayor’s annual spring cleanup – April 27th – people get together at 9 am for cleaning around your house, then branch out. City workers are good and come and pick up trash bags from corner. Jim Quigley will help. Good way to meet people.

    3. Street closures – Emory street was closed and was problematic – please give business owners a means to communicate directly with residents impacted by closures

  7. Ways to help families impacted by collapse of Key Bridge

    1. Casa MD

    2. Senator Ferguson introduced the Port Act to help families of victims and longshoremen/people whose jobs were impacted

  8. Looking for new places to have the meetings on game nights – suggestion is Starting Lineup

    1. Motion made to do that – One person opposed – bc in February Board Meeting we discussed several options to look into. One concern was is there food – they are getting food this month – hopefully.

  9. Neil Brown and Ben Garner  - new owners of the property on Fremont Street old Oyster Company. Have engaged with CHAP. Due diligence period through April 11th. Paul R. brought up the previous plans that were approved. They are trying to do additional historic preservation (applying for a federal grant to do this). Will share development plans with the community.

Planning on 6- 8 apartments without changes to exterior. Will include parking in garage in the back. Plan to renovate and Operate the building. Baltimore-based company, have partnered with Live Baltimore.

  1. Question about ARC meeting with these developers to discuss their plans. Yes, Paul will organize.



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