March 2024 Board meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  1. Over email – the board reviewed the proposed budget and agreed to present at the community meeting 

  2. Issue with emails – Si wants a dedicated channel to conduct RDA business – suggestion is WhatsApp.

    1. Paul chimed in that conducting business over email is not preferred bc it bypasses public process/transparency – more business should be conducted during RDA meetings 

    2. Nicole put in a plug for using WhatsApp for logistics/planning purposes

    3. Telegram – suggested for these kinds of communication so that people can be invited using a link and still see past conversations

    4. Gerri expressed she prefers email to see the history and go back to old conversations/links/etc – prefers to access via computer rather than phone

    5. Julia points out that communication is good and uphill battle to try and stop communication between meetings

    6. Maia pointed out that WhatsApp would allow everything to be on one change

    7. Many people expressed they prefer to stick with email bc they are more comfortable with it.

    8. Telegram would allow others to join via a link and observe the conversation.

    9. Nicole says let’s keep all official communication as email to avoid adding a layer of informality 

    10. Nicole said she will continue sending emails, but will hold votes as much as possible to community meetings unless very time exigent.

    11. Billy makes a comment to make sure it’s clear what is needed via emails.

  3. Committee Updates 

    1. No big safety committee updates – no major initiatives at this time, but continuing to attend CRC Meetings at the Southern District. There is a new Captain, Latanzi was promoted. Will keep attending

    2. ARC – Paul asked if anyone knows who bought the oyster packing house on Fremont St – we don’t know if anyone did actually buy – Paul wants to be in touch with them before anything starts. The neighborhood developed a very good plan a few years ago that they want to start from with the developer. We don’t know who that is.

    3. Ivan Rubensen – concerned with homelessness in Conway Park. Nicole responded that it involves a lot of City agencies and politics. City has been contacted before and it takes time and lots of phone calls and emails – City will offer resources but won’t tell them to leave. Bill said we should all continuously call 311. Molly encourages people to submit 311 requests. Julia says there is a solution, but we need to keep bothering the City – different agencies have different protocols – they will remove tents if people aren’t present. The more requests and attention we bring to this issue will help. Julia also suggests we reach out to Pigtown main street to see how they have handled issues on Lombard and MLK which has largely been addressed. Bill will get info on who was contacted for clearing MLK corridor. Nicole will contact pigtown main street. Will distribute info at the next meeting

  4. Meeting adjourned at at 8:44 pm.