March 2024 Community meeting

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  1. Officer Owens – Southern District BPD

    1. 2 new people have joined the unit and there have been some promotion

    2. Stats – robberies down from 2 to 0, burglaries also down, larcenies are at the same rate. Auto theft has increased from 3 this time last year to 4 this year. Total calls for Ridgely’s = 91

    3. Reported on traffic stops, business checks, foot patrols  - BPD trying to increase presence in the area. Bike patrols will be out soon with warmer weather including Officer Owens

    4. Question about where bike units come – the officer is speaking specifically of southern district

  2. Easter egg hunt in tot lot – March 31st – details have been posted on website. RSVP to Eileen Gladd is organizing . 4 and under at 9:45, 5-6 at 9:55, 7 and up at 10:00 am – babies can sit and watch. Requested budget is $150 for eggs and toys/candy

    1. Need cleanup volunteers on Saturday March 30th at 4:00 pm

    2. Message Molly Goodfellow or Eileen to volunteer to clean, stuff eggs, etc.

  3. Shawn Herne – Director of Babe Ruth museum

    1. Agenda: talk about the buildings, Babe Ruth, and 50th anniversary celebration this July

    2. City-owned building – it was built 1854 (4 houses) – became eventually rental units

    3. Babe Ruth childhood – mother and father were saloon keepers and mother was a severe alcoholic, and more grisly details…read the afidavits. Parents separated. Father left with 2 kids and sends Babe to St. Mary’s Industrial School – dad relinquished rights to that he became ward of the state. 

    4. Babe ruth signed by the O’s when he was 19 – O’s became legal guardian until age 21

    5. With world series winnings Babe bought his dad a bar that is now The Goddess. Babe’s dad died as a result of a bar fight with brother in law.

    6. The 4 houses of the museum were almost demolished – stay was made by McKeldin, then mayor Dalessandro made a committee to preserve Babe Ruth birth place.

    7. Finally under mayor Shaffer, the museum came to be – the City is responsible for maintaining everyone outside. Babe Ruth museum (then Shrine) opened in July 1974.

    8. Costello has joined board of museum – adding the name “Babe Ruth Way” to Emory St. Considering adding murals to exterior of BGE substation to tell the story of the O’s and Babe Ruth. Will do this in conjunction with the neighborhood – right now exploratory conversations on how to do this.

    9. Annual visitors – close to pre-covid numbers ~20,000 – before covid it was 50% out of state, 50% in-state, now it’s 95% out of state and 5% in-state – this is a challenge all over Baltimore.

    10. Use lots of volunteers. If we want to have a ridgely’s event at the Babe Ruth museum it’s offered to the RDA for free in the future.

  4. 2024 Budget – minor change since last year – we increased funding for childrens’ events from $150 to $350 for the year. Otherwise the same as last year. Billy [Treasurer] used budgets from the last 5 years to make this one. Question to have printed copies distributed at the next meeting. 

    1. Hose from tot lot was stolen, can be replaced for under $200 – can be covered under $500 of beautification efforts. Question about how to store to avoid being stolen. Eileen offered a hose to donate, Sandy offered nozzles to offer. 

    2. Motion to approve the budget – no one opposed. Motion passed.

  5. General updates/Old business:

    1. Gala update – 2024 – in the planning stages – prior venues no longer exist, so exploring options. 

    2. SBGP grant submitted for mural on Russell st by Sandy Anderson – Thanks Sandy!!

    3. Friday happy hour – 5:00 pm at Caribbean Dynasty

    4. Approval of minutes from February 2024 meeting – approved.

  6. Public comments

    1. Signs for liquor store on Greene St and Washington – not good for historic neighborhood. Larry agreed to take them down.

  7. Next meeting April 3rd at Pickles at 7 pm.


Paul Koprowski
Maia Tatinclaux
Si Saylunas
Nicole Dungee
Paul Rubenson
Bobby Goodfellow
Bill Reuter
Warren Dungee
Susan Clayton
Billy Huffnell
Sharon Reuter
Ivan Rubensen
Jackson Dungee
(Eric Costello)
Sandy Anderson
Julia Lebherz
Linda Smith
Gerri Salley
Molly Goodfellow
Larry (Ridgely’s Market)
Chris Conlon
John Loggins
Kelly Biesecker
Brian Panneton
Lilly Hyman