February 2024 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Previously decided via email:

  1. Purchase of the following items:

  • HDMI cable (ideally 10 ft or longer) (about $16 on Amazon)

  • Power strip (about $10 on Amazon) 

  • Batteries (Double AA) (about $8.99 on Amazon for 20pk) need to have on hand, in case mic loses power.  

  • 25 ft extension cord (about $10 on Amazon)

  1. Provided letter of support to Babe Ruth Museum for the Opening Day Celebration


Committee Updates

  1. Safety Committee Update – Maia and Linda have been attending BPD community meetings the first Tuesday each month at 7 pm at the Southern District. They are learning about MD state grants available for community beautification and safety initiatives that can partner with BPD.

  2. Budget – Billy asked if we should go through and approve the budget. Bill will send the budget to the board for review. Plan to approve by the board at the March meeting and present to community at April meeting.

  3. ARC – experiencing a breakdown in email with Leon at CHAP. City server issue – Paul will call CHAP to rectify.

New Business:

  1. BGE transformer behind 681 Washington – becomes a dumping spot. Syrus has talked to the City about getting the area gated. Technically federal property so no one will claim it. Since BGE has their transformer there they should take ownership. Another idea is to install motion-activated lights right over the transformer. Often needle usage happening in that area. Nicole and Syrus will reach out to Councilwoman Porter.

  2. Should we consider other venues for the meeting? Preference for a place that serves food. Ideas include:

    1. Babe Ruth Museum

    2. Standing Lineup

    3. Community area in Ekloff Building

    4. Frank and Nick’s – new place opening soon

    5. Caribbean Dynasty

    6. Tot lot

Should we rotate? Makes set up of electronics more difficult. Easier for people to know where it is when we don’t rotate venues. We should try and support local establishments. Will need to move for some of baseball season.

  1. Nicole points out that doing the hybrid meeting is a lot of work. She does see the value in hybrid meetings, but wants more people trained to set up to be able to help out. Billy can use his zoom account as a backup. Sy will email instructions to the board for everyone to have.