February 2024 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  1. Liz Cornish from SBGP to discuss Conway Street Park North Plaza Redesign

Manager of Enhanced Services program – invests $$ in parks and green spaces

  • Fund events at parks to make sure they are utilized such as parties, music, etc.

  • Also do capital projects: 1) Currently working on renovation of rec center in Carroll Park, 2) renovated Riverside gazebo

General SBGP news:

  • Applications for community grants are open and must be submitted by Feb 29th 

  • Keys to capacity workshops (free to anyone in the city) all geared to non-profit capacity building. Next workshop: Feb 15th 6-8 pm – register on the SBGP website – based on fiduciary responsibilities of non-profit or

  • Partnership with Parks and People to develop Baltimore Black Sox Park

Conway Street Park Updates:

  • 2022 SBGP approached by RD residents to work on bricks that were in disrepair

  • Park south of Conway St owned and managed by Dept. of Rec and Parks

  • Side walk area on Conway st managed by Dept. of Transportation

  • Plaza owned by Dept. of Housing and Community Development

  • SBGP did a request for proposals on redoing the plaza more than just repairing bricks. Held two meetings with residents to get input on needs of the park and give feedback on renderings of potential options for park

  • Current status – engineering and landscape arch team finalizing layout and selecting species of trees and native plants to go in the space – showed renderings – will increase green space and plantings than currently there.

    • Will include large community table, grassy area

    • Paving will be salvaged and new brick, and some cast in place concrete

    • Planting areas will have precast concrete seating – want to encourage gathering, but not sleeping – will use curved arrangement to discourage sleeping

    • Benches

    • Will have string lighting over the community table

    • New light poles will match existing

    • Area will be transferred from Dept. of Housing to Dept. of Rec and Parks

    • Everything done in collaborating with Baltimore City

    • Sidewalks will be improved with being ADA

    • Adding bike racks

    • Existing trees are non-native pear trees and are not in good health. Working with several tree-focused organizations to phase replacement of these trees. New trees will be fairly mature – trees will be planted by Baltimore Tree Trust who provide 3 years of tree maintenance after planting.

    • Ten year planting plan: there will be initial planting (to line up with construction), unhealthy trees will be removed and replanted with a minimum of 1:1 tree.

    • Slides provide proposed tree, shrub, and grass species to be planted

  • Questions: removal of trees will also pull out some brick – how is this going to work with the 10-year planting plan? New park will have more grass/impervious than existing and area with trees will have grass or stone dust. Trees to remain will have its tree pit expanded.

  • Current issues include roots coming up and moving bricks – how do we avoid that? Native trees that were selected for this location have root balls that won’t want to grow laterally and will have bigger tree pits to prevent this issue in the future.

  • Is there a plan for long term maintenance of shrubs, grasses, etc. in addition to tree maintenance? Yes. SBGP will budget for this long term maintenance. Baltimore City Rec and Parks will be providing the service and SBGP will help with oversight.

  • Has CHAP been included in this process? They will be included if needed. For example, DOT first works on sidewalk portion of the project. They will determine whether this impacts historic features and then will be sent to CHAP for approval. CHAP hasn’t been engaged yet bc they don’t have finalized plans and materials yet. Paul points out that CHAP should weigh in on general streetscape. Liz invited Paul/ARC to send her examples of preferred furnishings

  • Who will be in charge of mowing the grass? Area will be owned by Rec and Parks who could provide mowing or SBGP could supplement through a separate contract.

  • Comment about how modern the rendering looks. Liz pointed out that the shape/concept came from support during party in the park event.

  • Can we have input on the tree species selected? Yes, now is the time. The species were thoughtfully selected by arborists, but yes, give your input as long as the arborists agree they will be healthy in this application and location.


  1. Philicia Porter is sick so couldn’t make it tonight.

  2. Approval of the minutes – November 2023 and January 2024 – passes.

  3. Happy Hour is February 9th at Section 771 starting at 5 pm

  4. Dumpster on February 17th on Conway St– no building materials, appliances, tires – use for household and neighborhood trash. Contact Nicole if you need help getting anything to the dumpster.

  5. If you have any teenagers who need community service hours to graduate, contact Nicole and will have them help with RDA business

  6. Public comment period:

    1. Apparent sale of 337 South Fremont – Previously made an approved development plant in 2015-2018 that we would like to provide to the buyer.

    2. In November we had a presentation for the painting of a mural under I-395 overpass – Paul has the powerpoint that was presented. The community should review and get back to the artist. Last month’s discussion was based around needing a community lead to guide the grant through the SBGP process. Question is why should Ridgely’s engage at all? Maybe encourage the artist to go to the stadium authority or new ownership of the Orioles. Suggested that if the artist finds someone else for financing then RDA will write a letter or support. Made a motion to provide a letter of support – passed. Sandy Anderson wants to see the image to decide if she wants to spearhead the grant – motion withdrawn. Paul will send her the image. Question asked if we submit this grant will this impact our ability to get future grants and probably not. Motion made to table motion until next month and vote again – will post image on the website.

Meeting adjourned 8:05


Si Saylunas
Molly Goodfellow
Debbie Brain
Billy Huffnel
Bill Reuter
Nicole Dungee
Susan Clayton
Maia Tatinclaux
Lilly Hyman
Eileen Gadd
Sandy Anderson
Paul Rubensen
Julia Lebherz
Gerri Salley
Bobby Goodfellow
Syrus Razavi
Joe Hayden
Teri Hayden

Total Attendance: 18

Quorum established