January 2024 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Last meeting had ~20 attendees, based on changes to the bylaws a quorum is present.

  1. My Father’s Plan – Dawod, Executive Director 

Described the organization – youth community development organization. Shared the story of how the organization got started in the Pen Lucy neighborhood about 12 years ago. Developed from giving a few kids around ages 10-12 little tasks around the neighborhood and grew from there. Now the original participants are paid mentors that train and support the younger kids in the community. Ages in the program range from 5 to 25 and they started a mental health program about 6 months ago. 

Results of the program include: a community center in Pen Lucy, financial literacy, vocational training (moving and hauling), mental health support, community building, etc.

Had about 50 kids come through in 2023, have consistent turnout from about 25 kids.

They have contracts with Fed Hill, Old Line Spirits, Pigtown, Ridgely’s, etc… Many one-time block cleanings as well.

Always looking for more opportunities either for cleaning different communities and getting paid, teaching classes to the kids, etc. 

Dawod’s contact info - 443-869-7675.

  1. Captain Latanzi of the Southern District

Overview of set up of BPD

In July 2023, there was redistricting which means the Southern District changed – Ridgely’s still in Southern District.

Now Major Bennett is in charge of the Southern District.

Currently have a Drug unit, but currently staffed by 2-3 people. Try to be as responsive as possible to calls about drug activity.

Neighborhood community unit – new sergeant, Sergeant Rivera, started on 1/2/2023 in the Southern District.

In 2023, City saw a reduction in homicides and shootings, but increase in other types of crime – property crimes. Most increase in crime has been from juveniles and new state laws have made it very difficult to prosecute any juveniles.

Each district is creating a hub with screens, camera feeds, etc. that will be staffed with 2 detectives and one sergeant.

City does a rolling evaluation of crime stats every 28 days. Looks for patterns, shifts, etc. Southern district saw an overall reduction in crime in the last 28 days (end of 2023).

Ridgely’s is in Sector 3 of the Southern, violent crime down ~50% over last 28 days. Had additional foot patrols in Pigtown and Fed Hill during that time.

Working on community-based policing with officers patrolling an area and submitting 311 requests as a revamped “broken windows” policy – without illegal stop and frisk.

Additionally, looking at crime prevention through environmental design. 

CRC meeting is open community meeting the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the Southern District and on Zoom.

Question about suggestions of things that neighborhoods can do to prevent crime. 

  • Need to have good communication with a POC in the community, just make sure you still go through formal procedures to report crime using 311 and 911

  • Submit 311 requests to fix lights

  • Remove excess bushes/trees/trash

  • Be self aware when walking or parking

  • Ring cameras that can be registered through the City – have a good network of people willing to share camera footage

Question about getting communication from BPD on pending investigations/issues – sometimes it feels like police reports go into a black hole with no information back. Example is the windshields being smashed on Washington BLvd. 

Response is that officers don’t know about non-violent crimes right away, not until the report is generated and given to them. Also depends on type of crime. Still working on how to communicate better. Essential to always file a police report.

Linda suggested/volunteered to be the point person to be in contact with Sargent Rivera with items happening.

  1. Nicole encourages everyone to look at the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership grants – the cycle is now, but grants are due by end of February. 

  2. Follow up to November meeting artist’s presentation, budget is $20,000. One path would be for the neighborhood association to apply for the SBGP grant to fund the project. No one has volunteered to lead the grant-writing efforts. The artist did get permission from the state (owner of proposed site). Bobby clarified that the artist offered to draft the grant and provide the proposed budget and other requirements. There is a faded mural in that location from the grand prix. The RDA’s responsibility would be largely technical. Paul Rubensen made a motion to pass along to the board. Some concern that this mural is outside of the neighborhood and we don’t have the example rendering. Motion to table at community meeting and board will discuss further.

  3. Open discussion – no comments.

Maia announced COP walk on Mondays at 7:30 pm, all are welcome. Email safety@ridgelysdelight.org to get on the email list.

Comment about signs in Conway park that say “no trespassing” – submit 311 requests to get taken down.


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