September 2023 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023
  1. Shannon Sullivan - director of the Consent Decree - civilian employee of BPD - gave us an overview of what the consent decree in baltimore means

    1. Overseen by a federal judge - Baltimore’s is the largest in the country

    2. Described the reform process of  consent decree - Baltimore is in year 6 of federal oversight and in the assessment (last) phase of the reform process

    3. Explained how it takes a long time to implement new policies due to public comment periods and training requirements. All policies both enacted and out for public comment are available online.

    4. 988 - National number that anyone can call for yourself or a loved one in a behavioral health crisis. You will be directed to a clinician who can then send a team of behavioral health professionals to help - will depend on how you answer questions, for example if you have a weapon, the police will come. There is also 911 diversion happening in Baltimore CIty so if you call 911 for a mental health/ behavioral health crisis they will divert from police to mental health issues.

    5. Results of 911 diversion are available online.

    6. For drug-related crises or anything medical, 911 is still the number to call for paramedics. All BPD officers carry narcan and are trained to use it.

    7. “Know your rights” portion - officer should always introduce themselves and say why they are stopping you. BPD pulls random body camera footage for audits purposes.

    8. Question about what happens if BPD never comes into compliance per consent decree - that hasn’t happened yet. There are funding and jail consequences if a department resists or doesn’t comply.

    9. Question about what happens when oversight stops - are there regular check-ins or how? BPD is expected to hit all compliance within the end of the year. Parts of the consent decree requires 1 or 2 year continued compliance and check ins. After that, no more oversight. There are civilian oversight committees as well. Another question about other cities who have been under consent decrees and are no longer under federal oversight- how are they doing? EXamples include LA and Pittsburgh - not sure about the answer, but federal government has not come back.

    10. Next public quarterly hearing is in January- everyone welcome to attend virtually

  2. Parking committee update - In November 2021, following VPP, parking authority took away guest pass restrictions that were previously printed on the back of the parking pass. This was an erroneous omission.

    1. Parking committee realized this mistake in July 2023 - committee asked the Parking Authority to reinstate and the rules on the next permit renewal cycle. Parking authority said they required a letter from the RDA of support in order to do this. THe board voted to do so and it’s been reinstated.

    2. Question from the community- confirmed it was a coding error by the Parking Authority’s vendor that left these restrictions off.

  3. July/August recap

    1. National night out was fun! Good turnout!

    2. Gala was fun! Video posted by the speaker Evan Woodard - you can see on his Instagram.

    3. Gala raised $753.23 - about 60% of annual budget/spending - if people wish to see a granular aspect of the moneys, they can ask from Karin. RDA will provide a general report of gala fundraising once all checks have been paid.

    4. Point brought up that we should be more explicit as to why we are raising funds - for our general budget and annual programming.

  4. Park Committee

    1. Next event is the community swap - trade stuff - purpose is not se lling, but more giving away/recycling items you no longer use

    2. September 17th at 11 am in Conway Park - the event will go until about 1 pm

    3. Movie in the park in October - still planning, but it will be Halloween-themed. Tentative date is OCtober 22nd. 6:30 -9 or 10 pm. Requesting $100 from RDA funds for snacks at this event. - Quorum confirmed and motion for $100 for snacks passed.

  5. ARC Committee - 

    1. Interesting tale - CHAP had put a lien on a house, held their ground and after ~20 years, issue should be resolved.

  6. Treasurer report - proposed budget was ~$900 and spending to date is ~$750 - total cash up this year due to gala fundraiser

  7. Neighborhood happy hour is at Fielders Tavern on Nanticoke and Ostend with citizens of PIgtown - on September 8th at 5:30 pm

  8. Bruce Springsteen listening party in Cool Breeze Park (Warner Street) - on 9/9/2023 - bring a lawn chair and listen to the concert

  9. Safety and security committee - Camera going in soon at Portland and Fremont, still waiting for a response from CIty on traffic calming for Washington Blvd.

  10. New Business:

    1. Trying to get someone Gian Foyd from Downtown Partnership to come to meetings and community safety walks (COP) walks

    2. Homeless shelters open October 1 for winter housing. DPW will come and pick up trash, but will not remove anyone against their will

    3. Also partners with Mayor’s office to help with squeegee activity

    4. Dogs in Conway Park - one individual on Conway street lets dogs out of the house and run free in the park. Makes people uncomfortable. Also concern about dogs getting hit by a car. Individual is a police officer so difficult to go through authorities.Suggestions include: 

      1. Write a letter to the landlord (this was done previously)

      2. Write a letter to the individual’s commander


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