June 2023 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

1. confirmation of quorum

2. minutes from May not yet posted

3. there will be a July community meeting on July 5th

4. Gala should not impact the budget, they are holding the space, time, and food without big deposit

5. Parks and green space committee – mission – to schedule more frequent events in the park to utilize the space and identify areas that may need improvement – more for putting in 311 requests. Committee is focused on Conway park for now

- field day was successful especially since it was late notice
-planning a fall event as well
-Nicole taking over chair position from David
-considering a chess tournament in the tot lot
- will do the ping pong tournament again

6. Budget was rolled forward from last year plus purchase of IT equipment, no community vote on the budget happened. Will post budget on website we can vote as a community at the next meeting.

New Business:

1. Quigley wants to install planters in front of his bar and across by the BGE station. Community grants identified for that – the application requires it be awarded to a 501-3C organization. If the application is approved, can the board receive the $$ and then reimburse for planters.

Question about whether the money is upfront or a reimbursement. The grant is pre-funded. There is a grant report that will follow if he gets the grant so Quigley will need to do that.

-the RDA would receive this money and then reimburse per receipts that Quigley will submit

-Sharon will work with him to do the paperwork

Motion passed to support this effort as the 501-3 organization that would receive and administer this grant

2. David is officially leaving the board at the end of June 

-RDA will put out a call for new VP of operations at July meeting (per bylaws)

-will publish list of interested parties 1 month ahead of vote, then vote for new VP


Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm


Chad Terry
Sy Salunas
Sharon Reuter
Bill Reuter
Nicole Dungee
Bobby Goodfellow
Julia Lebherz
David Sebastiao
Karin Lundquist
Gerri Salley
Clare Elliott