June 2023 Community Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

1. Officer Owens update – Neighborhood coordination officer for southern district

some increase in crime – doubled, but gone from 4 to 6 auto thefts

Mostly increase in larcenies – city-wide, smash and grab type crimes – don’t keep anything visible in your car

Carjackings – up throughout the city, but not in Ridgely’s

Don’t fight anyone trying to get your car or stuff

If you see groups of people in dark clothes that shouldn’t be there, make note of their shoes, call 911 with any suspicious activity – especially youths out at night

A link to the Southern District Community meetings

2. Treasurer report: 

$100 were reimbursed for easter egg hunt expenses

3. Tomorrow is the last day to give feedback for Conway Park project

4. Confirmation of Quorum of members in good standing

5. Ridgely’s gala update  

will be at Groundwork Kitchen

Guest speaker will be Evan Woodard – amateur historian, currently into magnet fishing in the harbor, link to his website. There will be a DJ

Will be August 17th, 2023

6. Dog waste stations 

proposal includes 2 wall-mounted bag dispensers, 3 signs to cleanup after dogs, extra bags to refill the dispenser – total is $260

Parks and greenspace committee will be in charge

Motion passed in favor

7. May Recap:

a. Happy Hour at Hollins market was fun – they do this event every Friday

b. successful field day in Conway park with ice cream

8. Upcoming Events/New Business:

a. safety and security meeting 6/28/23 at Rachel’s Dowry – email safety@ridgelysdelight.org to stay informed

b. Orioles!

c. no happy hour in July

d. sign up for online water billing with the Ciyt to get a discount on your next bill

e. Cory Jeweler – Costello’s office is working with the city to remove “no parking for street sweeping” signs on streets that are cobblestone since they don’t get cleaned and shouldn’t get tickets

d. No ARC report this month

f. reminder that there is now the parks and green space committee – will be added to the list on the website, new members are welcome.


Maia Tatinclaux
Sidas Saulynas
Sharon Reuter
Susan Clayton
David Sebastio
Bill Reuter
Paul Kropowski
Julia Lebherz
Karin Lundquist
Nicole Dungee
Bobby Goodfellow
Gerri Salley
Shawn Soltesz
Cable Day
Clare Elliott
Julia Day
John Loggins
Chad Terry