May 2023 Community Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, May 3, 2023

1. Officer Owens – BPD update

Since January 1, 2023: 3 auto thefts, 3 burglaries, 6 larcenies, robberies

Burglaries have all been opportunistic, leave a light on if you’re out of town make it look like someone is home when you’re away. Burglaries are mostly committed by adults looking for drugs.

Starting in the summer they have an overtime shift to have more police presence and discourage theft

Reminder – don’t leave anything in cars, people break windows or go in if the door is unlocked, Issues lately in Baltimore with people leaving weapons in their cars that are stolen and used for crime

Most crimes committed are by juveniles. If it’s late at night and you see kids with ski masks or looking in cars, call 911 so patrols will be sent to that area

Don’t’ walk around with loud music and headphones

Question about a concern of a kid being chased by a dog owned by a neighbor – call 311 to report unleashed dogs, that’s a fine. If there is a dog bite/attack, that’s a call to 911 and police will come.

2. Safety and Security Committee Update 

A citiwatch camera should be installed this fall at Portland and Fremont, had to move a pole to do so

David showed ideas of community crime watch signs to be put up around the neighborhood

Question that we put the details in the next newsletter so people can be informed if we have a vote at the next meeting – yes, safety committee can do that

Question – are there any stats that show these types of signs help deter crime? No data at this time, got the idea from other neighborhoods that have a Baltimore-specific signs

Can be customized vs. generic – opinion expressed that customized signs would be more impactful

Comment that these might be eligible for a South Bmore Gateway partnership grant to purchase the signs

Comment that signs might be obsolete since everyone has cameras now

Sebastian from Costello’s office has anecdotes from city officers that say that the signs that say, “smile you’re on camera” are very effective

IF you’re interested in joining the safety committee email – meetings are quarterly, next one is tentatively in June 

3. ARC Committee

a. regular activities associated with normal maintenenance

b. committee needs new members, have 7, but 2 are living abroad currently and 1 still in bmore but not in the neighborhood – want to replace these

c. Paul will soon be giving an overview of the committee at one of the next RDA meetings

d. the committee sometimes conducts a historic tour of the neighborhood – potentially a Saturday or Sunday morning walking tour in June – stay tuned

Question – what’s the time commitment of being on ARC? No in-person meetings, handle applications as they arise, all business conducted over email so not a huge time commitment

4. Treasurer’s report  

Spend $883.08 to date – it’s been the equipment for holding hybrid meetings

Has not received any requests for reimbursement – request for easter egg hunt forthcoming

5. Quorum confirmed

6. April Recap 

Active committees and chairs include:

Finance – Clare Elliott

Membership – Clare Elliott

Park committee – David Sebastiao– needs to have first meeting

Safety – Linda Smith

- walk signal at Wash and MLK repaired

- CItiwatch camera coming

- Opening day eve eve party was held

-Mayor’s cleanup – 12 volunteers cleaned (Maia to get from Bobby list of people)

-Easter egg hunt was great

-Happy hour on 5/5 – Cinco de Ridgely’s at Section 771 starting at 5:30, upstairs

Second meeting about community area just north of Conway street will be in the Park on Saturday, May 20th – SB Gateway Partnership and EnviroCollab will present, trying to make it family friendly so more families can attend

Dumpsters: May 27th

7. New business:

a. GALA – planning committee working on getting the venue nailed down and more details will be available at the next meeting

Motion was made for community approval of the Gala – no one opposed, passed.

b. Dog waste

Park committee selected the type of dog waste station that can be mounted to an existing structure

Each cost $89.99 – park committee proposes 2

Question, who would maintain? Park committee would buy replacement bags and refill the station. The waste station is just a bag dispenser, NOT a trash can.

Parliamentarian wants to publicize in newsletter for voting at the next meeting.

Question – what do we do to publicize the RDA and neighborhood activities, the following list was provided as an answer

-newsletter, social media, flyers at the two neighborhood bulletin boards

-discussion to see more mailers go out and more door to door and talk to people

-we did a postcard for the holiday party -that got a good turnout

-another suggestion is an online calender that people can add to their calendars

- do social media outreach which gets a lot of followers, more than other methods of communication

Bobby tabled discussion for a future membership committee meeting for more discussion of outreach – Contact Clare Eliot if interested in participating

8. Luke Clippinger - presentation

Delivered end of session letters that summarizes this legislative session that just ended

Chair of judiciary committee 

Will be a link on Luke Clippinger’s website to the end of session letter

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm


Paul Rubenson
Chris Conlon
Warren Dungee
Shawn Stolesz
Eileen Gladd
Maia Tatinclaux
Sharon Reuter
Susan Clayton
David Sebastiao
Bill Reuter
Paul Koprowski
Julia Lebherz
Karin Lundquist
Bobby Goodfellow
Gerri Salley
Nicole Dungee
Clare Elliott