February 2023 Community Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Meeting Attendees:

Maia Tatinclaux
Paul Koprowski
Bobby Goodfellow
Gerri Salley
Nicole Dungee
Julia Lebherz
Linda Smith
David Sebastiao
Rachel Murphy
Sebastian Saydi
Julie Day
Rachel Abbots
Sirus Razavi
Jill Courtney


  1. January Recap
    Joint HH at picket with Citizens of Pigtown and Barre Circle – lots of attendance!
  2. Officer Owens of BPD – update
    • In the neighborhood: Two larcenies and 3 robberies
    • robberies still being committed by juveniles – looking for vulnerable people and pretending to ask for help committing crimes – ask to borrow cell phone, things like that.
    • BPD has identified some suspects for the recent robberies and working on making arrests
    • if you see a group of kids/juveniles, don’t approach them, but try and be aware of how many there are and what they are wearing
    • officer recommends not to walk with 2 earbuds in – keep one out to hear
    • increase in larceny from cars – people stealing coats, scarves, etc.

    Email Officer Owens if you have concerns about area that is not well lit. He can pass on to the City to do a lighting assessment, see if need more lights or brighter bulbs, things like that
    Officer Owens stated that he’s willing to join Safety committee meetings.

  3. Safety Committee Update
    Linda Smith, owner of Rachel’s Dowry – Chair
    Maia and David are the other members

    a. Will meet monthly for 2 months, then quarterly
    b. will serve as liaison with BPD, get updates from community members attending Southern District monthly community meetings and UMMC police community meetings
    c. connected with southwest partnership and otterbein community association to be in touch and exchange information and what we’re doing
    d. want to discourage crime in Ridgely’s through the installation of lighting, cameras, etc.

    Current safety committee activities:
    • Monday night COP walks – if you want to join email safety@ridgelysdelight.org, Maia coordinates the Monday COP walks
    • Also looking for volunteers to lead COP walks on another day of the week
    • To register camera to citiwatch – link is:citiwatch.baltimorecity.gov
    • To report an issue: 311services.baltimorecity.gov
    • Next meeting at Rachel’s Dowry on Feb 22nd – if you want to join email safety@ridgelysdelight.org
    Sebastian said that City is running a reimbursement program for anyone that is interested in purchasing a camera for the first time. 

  4. Paul out of Town – no ARC updates, all quiet in the neighborhood
  5. Treasurer’s report – only expenditure since last meeting was the new speaker and microphones that the community previously agreed upon. Formal budget for voting will come in March
  6. Confirmation of Quorum – we had a quorum of members in good standing
  7. Member in good standing – Bobby read the definition from the bylaws – available on the website. To be in good standing must have done 3 activities in the last 6 months prior to meeting in which you’d like to vote.
    a. Board discussed at length during the last meeting. The current list of activities is on the website – was developed by the community association about 5 years ago.
    b. The reason for this requirement is to make sure people that are interested in voting/enacting change in the neighborhood are already participating in the community.
    c. Bobby listed some of the activities that qualify – the complete list is on the website. http://www.ridgelysdelight.org/?q=rda/good-standing
    d. Email president@ridgelysdelight.org if you’ve done any of these activities to let them know so that you can get credit.
    e. Bobby looking for input on the current system. Maia clarified that Board is still discussing and looking at options and would bring any proposed change to a community meeting for a vote.
    f. David motioned to accept this list – motion passed.
  8. February happenings
    • First Friday HH – Feb 3rd at 5:30 Wico St. Brewing, meet at Washington and MLK at 5:15 to walk over as a group
    • Dumpster – March 4th don’t miss it!
    • Committees – you can join them:
          Safety – David and Linda are co-chairs
          ARC – Paul Rubenson is the chair
          Tot lot
          Others on the website, Ridgely’s citizens welcome to start committees as well