March 2023 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Maia Tatinclaux
Bobby Goodfellow
Bill Reuter
Julia Day
Julia Lebherz
Karin Lundquist
David Sebastiao

Quorum of board members established.

February minutes not yet posted, will be approved next meeting.

  1. Opening day eve party update – April 5 at 7 pm, FREE and cash bar. Last call will be 9:30 and party over at 10 pm. 
  2. Board voted on skipping April community meeting as it will be replaced by Opening Day Eve Party – motion passed.
  3. Guest speakers – Karin will try to get Paul’s place to speak at May meeting about Groundwork Kitchen.
  4. Tentatively will have June meeting at renovated Sliders.
  5. Maia will look into getting someone from BPD to talk about the Consent Decree at either June or July community meeting.
  6. Friends of the Park discussion:
    • formal friends of park is a complicated process through the city. It’s probably better to have a parks committee to avoid the red tape might be required.
    • Karin provide a point of clarification. Conway Park is not a dog park so make sure committee isn’t just focused on Dogs.
    • Nicole brought up making it a green space committee, not just Conway Park. Nicole has multiple people interested in this committee.
    • Bobby encouraged interested people select a chair of this committee and then it can go forward.
  7. Need board participation for the Gala again this year! Thursday August 10th
  8. Nicole can be liaison for Pigtown main st Washington bvld – MLK intersection as requested by Kim Lane in previous presentation.