February 2023 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Board attendees:

Geri Salley
Nicole Dungee
Julia Lebherz
Bobby Goodfellow
David Sebastiao
Maia Tatinclaux
Julie Day

Other attendees:
Cyrus Rasavi


  1. January minutes approved by board
  2. Old business: discussion on bylaws and member in good standing

    a. Participation in committees should count towards good standing – it does

    b. No major disagreement from general community members

    c. Julie report – found a list of Baltimore community associations that RDA is not on, Bobby will fill out the form to get us on the list

    d. Most nearby community associations charge nominal dues – Julie is not recommending RDA charge dues

    e. Discussion of board members: 

        • Julie emphasizes that American democracy is not based on a similar situation, thinks we don’t need it. Personal issue with it with spouse feeling put off by having to record activities. Does it make people join activities for the wrong reasons? 
        • Needs to be an honest process – feels odd when a bunch of people are walking COP the week before the vote for the board.
        • Gerri doesn’t like the 6-month timeframe. Better than 3 month timeframe. Could it be over 1 year? 
        • How do we make it equitable? Bobby suggests that people bring a proposed change to the bylaws or maybe get a few people together that can propose a change or new plan that will be viewed as functional and equitable.
        • Point of clarification on procedure – how would this work? Any proposed bylaw change must be published in the newsletter a month ahead of time and then will be voted on the next community meeting by members in good standing.

  3. New Business – Bobby asking for suggestions of guest speakers – asking us to email him suggestions so he can get them scheduled.
        • Nicole – Ridgely’s involvement in SW partnership – can someone from RDA attend meetings just to stay informed. They are quarterly meetings. Nicole or Warren can do it and report back to RDA meetings
        • Opening Day eve party – at Pickles, must end by 10 pm
        • David – wants to get doggy bag dispensers installed at Conway park. Need to pay for the initial installation through parks and rec department, but in order for them to maintain it, need to have a Friends of Conway Park group registered. Bobby suggested clarifying whether parks and rec will install or make us pay for all of it including installation. Can get a grant through gateway partnership, but they will also want to see the group that supports the park.
        • Another question about South Baltimore Gateway Partnership – plans to fix the brick area on the north side of conway st – plans will come to our community meetings for public comment.