January 2023 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2023

1.  Confirm meeting summary- passed

2. Old Business recap

  • Holiday party – spent $291 but budget was $500
  • Hybrid meeting equipment purchase – will present what they need to Karin within agreed upon $900
  • Will need to formalize in the bylaws that this equipment will remain in possession of the VP of operations (in the future) – Paul will work on this

3. New business

  • Member in good standing policy – last 4 years has basically been for getting credit for doing anything good for the neighborhood
  • 3 events in the last 6 months – previous to the meeting where there will be a vote
    • Attend meeting
    • COP Walk
    • Distribute newsletter
    • Previously sanctioned events (long list on the website)
  • Bill provided some history of the evolution of “member in good standing”
  • Julie asked what is the point? Does it exclude people without adding anything?
  • Paul explained that the point is to protect us from a “mob” type situation where one person can get a group of people to vote the way they indicate

Add to list – helping with MFP

Board recommends to the community to vote – so we can present how to move forward on member in good standing.

How do other neighborhood associations do this? Citizens of Pigtown charge dues, federal hill as well, we will look into this.

Bobby would like to carry forward existing list + MFP – motion made to present this to community meeting in February – operating policy will continue until we discuss again in a month or two

  • Julie to research what other neighborhood associations do
  • Nicole wants to survey neighbors to get their opinion

4. Committees – Paul is chairing by-laws committee and ARC

Finance committee – Clare will be chair – Karin is also on this committee, chad terry, need one more community member
Membership committee – Clare will chair
Nominating committee – Bobby appointed Sharon to chair, will fill the rest of the committee
Parking committee – in hibernation, Gerri asked if City has provided any information on effectiveness of VPP – Bobby will ask for a presentation at a community meeting
Safety committee – co-chairs David and Linda Smith

  • Bill announced he’s not longer on SBGP board, willing to help Paul with writing grant for Burgundy lot regrading
  • Karin announced she is on the board of SBGP -as a community member

Upcoming events:

  • first Friday HHs,
  • dumpster days – March 4th, May 27th, August 5th, September 30th
  • National Night Out – first Tuesday in August
  • Holiday Party
  • Rhythm and reels – movie in the park, Bill will try and get us on the list for that.
  • Gala – August 4th (to avoid conflict with pre-season football)
  • Spring mulch/community cleanup – still need to organize/pick a date
  • Opening day eve party – Maia to lead, Nicole interested in helping. Need to provide tentative budget to Karin.


Julie Day
David Sebastiao
Bobby Goodfellow
Maia Tatinclaux
Clare Eliot
Bill Reuter
Paul Rubensen
Gerri Salley
Julia Lebherz
Nicole Dungee
Karin Lundquist