January 2023 Community Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2023

1. Police Update:


  • 4 larcenies, 600 portland, 600 dover, 600 melvin, 600 Washington
  • Car-jacking on warner
  • Aggravated assault on Paca st.

No additional information handy on these crimes, police can send follow-up email with details such as which cases are still open, time of day, etc.

New Major – Sam Hood – of southern district. Has over 20 years of experience with BPD.

Community relations meeting is the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm – Southern District Office in Cherry Hill. All community members are welcome to attend – takes place in the roll call room.

2. RDA Meeting Structure

  • Officer update from BPD when possible
  • Some committee updates (whenever there are updates)
  • Try to table conversations that go on too long for further discussion
  • New business

3. December recap

4. January Happenings

  • First Friday HH – at Picket Brewing starting at 5:30 pm with Citizens of Pigtown and Barre Circle communities. There will be a food truck – details on Picket Instagram
  • SBGP grant cycle coming up – range from $2,000 to $100k – they have grant workshops that are open to the public. First one is January 5th on grant writing – virtual workshop.

5. Committee Reports

  • No ARC updates – one curious phone call of no concern, contact Paul Rubensen for more information
  • Treasurer’s report – Fundraising - total $5,180 ($4,465 - gala; $715 holiday party)

Total spend during year $5,405.48
Net spend $225
Profit from gala - $981.35
Net spend for holiday party - $246 (budget for holiday party was $500)

6. Board Meeting Structure

  • Confirm quorum
  • Recap old business
  • Bring up new business
  • Consider the bylaws
  • Work on projects/events for the community
  • Try to bring any major items for community votes unless time-exigent such as a letter of support for a business in time for a hearing
  • Try to enforce 3-min time limit for community member participation
  • Board meetings will be held immediately following the community meeting

7.  New Business

  • Motion for purchase of RDA PA system plus two microphones, currently using Bobby’s personal equipment. Want to budget $900 – this would be owned and managed by the association.
    Motion passes – no one opposed
  • Clare would like to invite Homeless outreach specialist from Downtown Baltimore Partnership – he can come and talk to the RDA – Clare and Bobby to organize
  • Mulch – will organize mulch delivery in conjunction with a community cleanup – either April or May – May preferable
  • Paul Rubensen – proposes he write a grant to regravel the Burgundy Lot – general community support – we will vote whether to provide a letter of support for the grant at the February meeting
  • Issues for Costello’s office? Yes – two water main breaks in the community that are still leaking -has been 1 week since 311 tickets were submitted. Email the 311 ticket numbers to Costello – Susan saw people working on the Eislen water main break today.


Maia Tatinclaux
Molly Goodfellow
Sharon Reuter
Bill Reuter
Sidas Saulynas
Julia Day
Susan Clayton
Bobby Goodfellow
Gerri Salley
Karin Lundquist
David Sebastio
Paul Kropowski
Paul Rubenson
Lillie Hyman
Amy Bopp
Clare Elliott
Nicole Dungee
Rachel Abbotts
Gail Gottlieb
Julia Lebherz
Julie Milstein
Rachel Murphy
Billy Hufnell
Katie Campbell
Patrick Seaman

Quorum of members in good standing established.