November 2022 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022
  1. Presentation by Emily Weidow from hosts for humanity
    Connects people with an extra room to host people in town for medical treatment or a family member that’s been hospitalized. Saves people going through a hardship a lot of money. 
    To be eligible to host you need a bedroom and access to a bathroom.
    Volunteer hosts can specify how long they can host for. 
    Hosts must have 2 character references, same with guests.
    IF you can’t host, you can make a donation online.
    Used to have 40 hosts in Baltimore, but currently down to 10 - this is following stopping the program during the pandemic.
    Question from community - are stairs ok? Yes, they would consider this when matching guests with specific hosts.
  2. Ethan Abbott - Transformation Projects Manager from SBGP
    Doing last round of community input to review draft plan of reimaging the middle branch before the planning committee meeting. No dates have been announced yet, but should be announced soon - late november and early january for virtual and hybrid public info sessions. Dates will be finalized and advertised soon.
    Question from community - What is the middle branch? It’s the middle branch of the Patapsco River. Relevant to all south baltimore communities who will be impacted by the middle branch redevelopment master plan.
    The draft plan will be published on the website ahead of the public info sessions/meetings.
    Question about the abandoned CSX bridge - they are evaluating feasibility of restoring this bridge as a connector between Port Covington and Westport.
  3. October recap -
    Mulch was delivered - there is still some available at the tot lot. It’s available for anyone for use in the neighborhood. Mulch was free, delivery was for a fee.
    Halloween scavenger hunt - it was fun, thanks to Susan, Karin, and Julie for organizing.
    Picket brewing happy hour was fun.
  4. November happenings
    Newsletter will be electronic
    November happy hour is this Friday at Friends Grille - 2nd floor.
    December - Holiday party - TBD, keep your eyes peeled.
    Dumpster will be November 12th on Conway St. will be dropped off in the morning, will be picked up by noon at the latest.
  5. Bobby received an email from the major of the southern district of BPD - wants to encourage community associations to warn residents about recent crime in the area - always look around before leaving your house and looking towards where you’re going. Look for a group of people “dressed inappropriately for the weather” in masks and more covered than normal. If you are assaulted try and notice the attacker’s shoes, that’s a good way to identify people.
    Pattern of more crimes in the evenings - can start with a car-jacking and then muggings the next few evenings. Increase in crime lately - typical for this time of year.
    Question about establishing a safety committee - Bobby was the last chair of that committee before the pandemic. If you’d like to get that committee re-started, come talk to Bobby for how to get it going.
  6. Election - Thanks to current board of the RDA - has done a good job. Did nice new activities along with old favorites. Special thanks to Bobby
    Bobby Goodfellow - President
    Bill Reuter - VP of Communication
    David Sesbastiao - VP of Operations
    Karin Lundquist - Treasurer
    Maia Tatinclaux - Secretary
    Paul Rubensen - Parliamentarian
    Gerri Salley - Member at Large
    Julie Day - Member at Large
    Clare Elliot - Member at Large
    Julie Lebherz - Member at Large
    Nicole Dungee - Member at Large

    Additional nominations from the floor:
    No new nominations.
    Paul K. made a motion to accept the slate as is, seconded.
    All accepted - new board congratulated.
    Bobby thanked the board - for all our efforts.Thanks to Ab Bear who is not returning to the board next year. Thanks to Christine Middletown and Leslie Parks who moved away.

  7. Motion to adjourn.


Maia Tatinclaux
Bobby Goodfellow
Molly Goodfellow
Sharon Reuter
Bill Reuter
Paul Koprowski
Clare Elliot
Rachel Murphy
Gerri Salley
Julie Milstien
Davis Sebastiao
Linda Smith
Lillie Hyman
Paul Rubensen
Susan Clayton
Julie Day
Nicole Dungee
Julia Lebherz