November 2022 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Quorum established (of current board members)

New board members introduced themselves. Continuing board members introduced themselves.

Board voted to approve last month’s board meeting summary.

Holiday Party - December 2nd 

What is budget? $500 line item. We’d like to cover food. Question about invitations. Can we cover both invitations and food?

Discussion of whether or not to charge an admission fee. $10 vs. $5. 

Motion to charge $5 admission and board pay for some food. Food budget not to exceed $500. Motion passed.

Bill will provide the board an estimate for invitations and they will vote as a time-exigent item whether or not to pay for them.

Next item - whether or not to keep board meetings on the second wednesday of the month or go back to having them right after the community meeting on the first wednesday of the month. Discussion. Board members all gave their opinion.

Board agreed to try combo meetings (both community and board) on the same night for a few months and see how it goes and reconsider in a few months if meetings are getting too long.

Barring any changes in COVID situation, we will plan on first meeting in January to be in-person with a hybrid option.

Board voted to support a City Bill that would require realtors to inform potential buyers when they are going to buy a home in a historic community. Paul will be in touch with who to send a letter to.

Bill clarified that the RFQ being issued to repair bricks on north side of Conway St was spearheaded by South Baltimore Gateway Partnership. The SBGP did a survey of all parks in their jurisdiction and selected that area of Conway St to repair. It’s a joint project with dept. of rec and parks. They will come to a community meeting to get community input.


Current/continuing board members:
Bill Reuter
Bobby Goodfellow
Maia Tatinclaux
Gerri Salley
Karin Lundquist
Paul Rubensen

New board members:
David Sebastiao
Nicole Dungee
Julia Lebherz


After the meeting it was determined that the cost of printing a 500 holiday party postcards, and seven posters, would be approximately $210. The board took a vote by email and approved that expenditure.