October 2022 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
  1. Ashley McMillan from Maglev program gave a presentation
    US-owned/veteran owned - has been in the works conceptually for decades
    17% of US population in 2% of land space in northeast corridor
    Want to take cars off the road
    Would be 8 min btwn DC and BWI
    Train has magnets
    Currently in NEPA process
    Current study looking at station being under convention center which would be a huge disruption to Pratt st
    Also looking at a site in Cherry Hill that is empty and available - would be lower impact overall
    Maglev does not want to take away from Amtrak or Marc service
    No emissions - looking to source energy for system from wind located in western MD
    DEI plan is committed to working with communities that are along the route and make sure jobs go to those communities first

    Question from the community - when will the project be complete? If FRA approval was granted today with station location and route alignment, would take about 10 years

    Most of train would be a tunnel, connect baltimore, BWI, DC, wilmington, Philly airport, Philly, Newark airport, NYC

  2. Officer Torres - southern district neighborhood community officers

  • 2 autos stolen
  • 2 auto larceny
  • 7 robberies
  • 5 aggravated assaults
  • No burglaries

Decrease in burglaries, but rise in robberies, most robberies in area of Casino, but in ridgely’s mostly following sporting events and being done by children 8-14 years old - stealing phones, have weapons

Officer Torress advises to make sure you feel safe before you stop and talk to people approaching you out of the blue. Communicate with neighbors about what’s happening

Question about victims - can be couple, men, women, varies - not older people really

Question about a specific robbery on Penn and Melvin - Officer not at liberty to discuss the case

All times of evening and day - important to make note of any noticeable markers or clothes of the assailant.

Good deterrents include - more lights (stoop lights, party lights, etc.) and cameras - citywide program to register your camera so taht BPD can access those cameras. 

Officer Torres will provide the website

Assailants have been individuals or groups - crime of opportunity

Question about monitoring of drug activity - BPD says no known hot spots of drug activity in Ridgelys, some in 1100 block of washington over in pigtown

If you witness a crime - best way to help is to yell “i’m calling the police” and call them but don’t get involved directly to become a second victim

Will you get in trouble if you try and help - the law states that if someone is trying to flee a crime you must allow them to flee, cannot make a citizens arrest.

  1. September recap

  • Newsletter is hybrid - should have received paper copy if you did

  • Ping pong tournament: shout out to thank Pigtown main street for donating prizes; we had a great time doing a round robing tournament
  • Tot lot has a new tree - thanks to tot lot committee - replaced a tree that was damaged in storms
  • Update - Board meeting - accepted meeting summary, agreed to order more checks, approved $300 to be spent on mulch to be delivered to tot lot for community use - date TBD - hopefully saturday in October
  • No ARC report this month - if you have questions email president@ridgelysdelight.org
  1. October happenings:

  • Pigtown Festival 10/8/2022 12-8 pm
  • Happy hour this friday at Picket Brewing - starting at 5 pm, $1 off drafts for Ridgely’s residents
  1. New Business
    Upcoming election - November
    Sharon Reuter chair of nominating committee
    Slate for board:
    Bobby Goodfellow - president
    David Sebastino - VP of operations
    Bill Reuter - VP of communications
    Maia Tatinclaux - Secretary
    Karin Lundquist - Treasurer
    Paul Rubenson - Parliamentarian
    Members at large: Gerri Salley, Nicole Dungee, Julie Day, Clare Elliott

    Members at large: Only 4 - but 5 open spots - if you’d like to be on ballot - email sharon or Bobby

    Mayor’s fall cleanup is Oct 22nd - Julie Day will organize a community cleanup - Individuals should register to get more free bags - Bobby can register the community organization as a whole

    Cyrus - 679 Washington - back of byway for COB - he spoke with DPW - will come to meeting and discuss how to keep it clean
    Larry Nunley will try and come and brainstorm
    Julie mentioned that she can help direct MFP to work on that area bi-monthly if possible

    Jessica mccauley (new neighbor)
    Asking about how to be in good standing before the election in November
    Information on how to be a member of good standing is available on the website - www.ridgelysdelight.org

    Question about meetings - will we be outside in winter? Board and community will look at CDC guidelines about future meetings. Board meeting is next wednesday.