September 2022 board meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Bobby Goodfellow
Karin Lundquist
Bill Reuter
Paul Rubensen
Maia Tatinclaux
Julie Day


We have quorum.

RDA community meeting summary from July approved

Board meeting summary from July approved

Gala recap - we made money, but we should also spend the money per our overall goals.

New Business:

  1. Paul brought up having a holiday party and using some RDA funds towards it. Karin pointed out that we have a line item for it in the budget. Paul suggested a venue with more space for potential social distancing.
    Maia and Karin will champion it and ask for volunteers at the next community meeting. Motion to plan a party and bring up at the next community meeting - passed. We will explore ideas and venues to present at the October meeting.

  2. Karin brought up the need to buy new checks - Paul made a motion to add a standing line item to the budget for administrative costs. Motion passed - Karin will buy more checks and expenses will be under $100.

  3. Karin relayed that Nicole Dungee had suggested we promote a different charity each community meeting for donations. We could advertise ahead of time in the newsletter. Board likes this idea. Karin will ask Nicole to pitch at the October community meeting.

  4. Nominating committee - according to the bylaws, there should be 5 people which includes 2 appointed by board, 2 by president and the former president is one.
    Board elections were advertised in the newsletter and at the September meeting.
    People the board would like to appoint - Lillie Hyman and Chad Terry
    Alternates: Nicole Dungee, Amy Bopp
    Bobby appointed Sharon as chair
    Bobby contacting Lillie, Karin contacting Chad and Nicole.
    Board members will continue to talk to community members to see who is interested in joining the RDA board.

  5. Bobby moved that  we use neighborhood beautification budget to buy a truckload of mulch for the neighborhood. Will be used at the tot lot, portland st trees, roses at washington, breezeway at Conway, etc. Everyone can use it. We will advertise the date so people are ready to participate and use the mulch. Bobby will bring up at the October community meeting.