September 2022 Community Meeting

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022
  1. Officer Owens couldn’t make it tonight, but there is a tool/aggregate of information on latest crime in the area.  Bobby is working to get us access and see if we can have it regularly. The new Major of the Southern district keeps an excel spreadsheet of crime in the area and the neighborhood.

  2. July and August recap

    1. Newsletter is hybrid – online, October newsletter will be paper copy
      Need a new delivery person for Dover and end of Penn – Leslie was doing it previously, but she has moved out of the neighborhood. Contact Bill Reuter if you are interested in helping deliver the newsletter on a quarterly basis.
    2. First Friday HH already happened at the Back Yard in Pigtown. There will be one in October and the location TBD
    3. National Night out – thanks to Sharon for organizing and everyone who brought food. Lots of attendance! Great event!
    4. We will continue the hybrid format for meetings – keep your eye on the website, updates will happen by 6 pm if the meeting is moved to Zoom only due to weather.
    5. The Gala was last month and it went well! We made $981 for the neighborhood! The money is not allocated yet, but the RDA still has the goal to spend down some of the RDA’s budget for neighborhood projects.
    6. My Father’s Plan (a non-profit youth organization) is coming out every other week to clean the streets. They were here this past Sunday. Neighbors have been donating snacks for the kids and are encouraged to join the cleanup efforts. 9:30 am every other Sunday. Julie will keep spreading the word so more community members can join or donate snacks.
  3. We don’t have a quorum of members in good standing. Minutes from July can’t be approved and were bumped to the next meeting.
  1. ARC report – Progress on 725 Pratt St, Not sure about progress on Fremont project, but hoping they are still on track. No major maintenance issues.
    Question about house on Washington Blvd for sale that has had a plywood door for 6-8 years - can we make that be updated during transfer of property? Paul responded that only if the seller or buyer elects to replace the door, then they must follow the guidelines. No way to force the update.
  1. September happenings

    1. Fleet week – starts tomorrow, flyovers, harbor will be busy, lots of boats to tour, etc.
    2. September 18th – Ravens home opener
    3. September 23rd – Movie in Conway Park, Soul, starts at dusk
    4. September 24th – Ping Pong tournament in the tot lot – email Maia to sign up
    5. October 8th is the Pigtown Festival – 12 to 4pm
    6. Boil water advisory for nearby neighborhoods, not in Ridgely’s – follow DPW twitter for most up to date information.
  1. New Business – Board election is coming up in November – if anyone is interested in serving on the board please reach out to a current or former board members for details and information. There are 3 open slots, but anyone can run for any position.
    Refer to the website for activities that count towards member in good standing.
    Also, Quigley volunteered to spread mulch around the roses at Washington and MLK and all trees on Portland if the RDA purchases the mulch for this. This will be discussed at the board meeting since it’s within our budget for beautification.


David Sebastino
Kellie Beisecker
Molly Goodfellow
Gerri Salley
Maia Tatinclaux
Bill Reuter
Sharon Reuter
Nicole Dungee
Warren Dungee
Julie Day
Paul Rubensen
Eileen Gladd
Bobby Goodfellow
Gail Gottleib
John Loggins