June 2022 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Maia Tatinclaux
Bobby Goodfellow
Christine Middleton
Paul Rubenson
Gerri Salley
Karin Lundquist

Meeting summary from May board meeting approved.

May recap:

Good monthly social events where we can meet new community members

CHAP report - questions from the community meeting

Zoning appeal for Fremont property was only just approved in the last few weeks, that project should move soon.

Pratt st - Ab and Bill investigated and it looks like work is progressing with foundation and first floor.

Yes will have a July meeting - Leslie had asked about it via email.

Discussion of how to get crosswalk light at MLK and Washington fixed - multiple board members have been in contact with Costello. Karin will also put in 311 and report to Sebastian (Costello’s office) since she is already working with him and DOT to fix the sink hole on Warner.

Also need to put in more 311 requests to restore the trash can at the corner of Washington and MLK.