May 2022 Board Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2022



April Recap

  1. Thanks to Karin and Christine for setting up hybrid meeting for last community meeting – Bobby received good feedback from the hybrid meeting.

  2. Bobby was invited to participate in a safety meeting with the mayor and other leaders of south bmore community organizations. Sharp Leadenhall is experiencing the most crime currently.

  3. Youthworks director was present- press released expected 5/12/2022 on how it’s going live again this year. This is a program through the City partnered with local businesses to get kids a summer job and exposure to different career paths.

  4. Money from ARPA for crime prevention in south bmore and gateway partnership is providing sharp leadenhall funding for planning efforts and redoing parks in the area

Clean Streets Committee – Julie sent around a presentation, wants to present to community and start recruiting members

MFP – Julie attended walk through with citizens group, they didn’t want to wait for grants and board to raise money. Private citizen group is moving forward with collecting donations. Board can still be involved.

More marketing efforts in the community – and highlight things we are already doing.

COP walks – put in 311 requests and reporting negligent landlords and general dumping.

MFP funding in pigtown and fed hill comes from local businesses. Could also be goods to raffle for fundraising.

Board agreed to keep RDA board activities separate from private citizens group – Leslie says it should be a donation to the RDA to get tax credit and RDA track the $$.

MFP cost is $500 per cleanup which would include every street and alley in the neighborhood. Not for picking up leaves and unclogging drains.

MFP largely paid through south gateway partnership. Also businesses.

Board will investigate south bmore gateway and businesses

We will write an article for newsletter to solicit members.

Cannot advertise private donations for MFP in newsletter

RDA can receive donations for MFP. Make sure individuals are not representing themselves as the RDA.

Comment on Julie’s presentation - Add street sweeping to list of efforts – for when presenting to the community.

Parking Committee – in hibernation, not disbanded. Ab and Sharon recently fielded about 11 complaints of erroneous parking tickets. Would still like to get data from parking authority, but no timeline on that.

Karin and Bill went to Downtown Partnership – Ridgely’s is considered within the 1 mile radius – someone from RDA should go to their meeting to present what Ridgely’s is all about. See if we can get funding/support from them for cleanups. And learn about their general programming.

Bill will see if he can get someone to come present at a community meeting.

Leslie reached out to another organization that has grants for cleaning efforts.

Maia suggested we move board meetings back to the first wednesday of the month. No other board members want to move board meetings back to following community meetings.