April 2022 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Karin Lundquist
Ab Bear
Paul Rubensen
Leslie Parks
Bobby Goodfellow
Bill Reuter
Christine Middleton
Julie Daye
Maia Tatinclaux
Gerri Salley


  1. Bobby brought up a trend in community and board meetings that we’ve seen a lot of  bureaucracy at the price of productivity. The board discussed how to do more things rather than talking about doing them.

    Bobby stated that in future meetings he will move to table discussions that are complaining about issues without providing proposed solutions.

  2. Finance committee met and developed a proposed budget
    Expenditures consist of:
    a. Events:
        National Night Out
        Holiday Party
        Easter Egg Hunt - already approved by community
        Other events
    b. Beautification:
        Neighborhood beautification projects - if someone chooses to spearhead
        Community Cleanup Supplies - for organized community events
    c. Admin and General:
    Newsletter -proposed to only print once per quarter - to catch people who are new to the neighborhood but also save on cost - could add line about this being “a quarterly print edition, but see website for monthly newsletter
    Misc. Income:
    RDA would commit to raising 75% of proposed expenditures - rationale is that we don’t necessarily need to carry the balance we’ve had in the past, but want to work on replenishing funds instead of only spending.
       • Paul warned that previously the money issue has been a contentious issue in the past and that the RDA shouldn’t become too money-focused. Paul and Bill remember successful previous fundraisers.
    ​   • We have a responsibility as a Board to not spend without a plan for replenishment.
    ​   • Leslie brought up budgeting for My Father’s Plan - Karin and Christine looked at the option of targeted fundraising for that purpose because it would be a large cost.
    ​   • Bobby says this should be led by one person or a committee since it would be a concerted effort.
    Paul was worried that previous events were removed from the budget that had been on hold due to the pandemic. The reason for their removal is that some of those items were one-time things and others have been moved into “other” events. Donation line items were removed in effort to avoid politicizing things.
    The board is ready to present the proposed budget to the community.
    A discussion about presenting line-item expenditures in a community meeting. We will not do that, but Karin can provide details to an individual requesting to see them.

  3. In-person community meetings. Tot lot is good venue for outdoor meetings weather-permitting. Bobby will have a speaker and amplifier but is unsure about our ability to do a hybrid meeting - Karin will test with her hot spot to see if we can do it over zoom.

  4. Bobby brought up issues that need a “point person”
    1. Homeless encampments - City is already doing a lot and talking to people daily. DPW folks will come clean, but will not touch needles or human feces. Seem to be fewer encampments lately but we don’t know why. The RDA may not be the best vehicle to further address the issue - does the community need a guest speaker to come to a meeting and inform? Bill will research who could come speak.
    2. Street Sweeping - Bobby followed up that no other neighborhoods are being cleaned. Ab brought up that we used to have a better partnership with Camden Yards and they used to upkeep the streets around the stadium and the planters in front of Pickles - hasn’t happened for the last few years. Bill said they used to have a board member that sat on the Stadium Authority Community Relations Committee meetings.
    3. Consider forming a clean streets committee - promote localized cleaning, regular neighborhood cleanups - Julie can be point person. Motion to create the “Clean Streets” committee - passed. Julie is chair with Leslie, Maia, Karin, Christine
    4. Motion to table fundraising committee discussion. Will be at next meeting
    5. Rachel Abbotts has completed the City’s process to be a neighborhood Tree Keeper. She will help the neighborhood get more trees.
    6. Bobby will clarify with Paul which minor points of business can be conducted via email. Paul says the bylaws covers this.