April 2022 Community Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
  1. Quorum of members in good standing was established, last meeting’s summary was approved.
  2. There was a question about how the recent news and disputes over redistricting decisions would affect Ridgely’s district.
    Answer from Costello’s office - The City Council districts are unchanged and the State districts are final. The meet and greet with our new representative should go on as previously scheduled
  3. Presentation on Pigtown Climbs: Sih Oka-zeh - volunteer/lead for pigtown climbs, and  organization started last year
    1. Their mission - Be a community driven organization, use programming around climbing to promote black liberation, wellness and promoting the outdoors.
    2. They have a space in pigtown trying to transform into a climbing space. It’s located at 936 Washington Blvd.
    3. Goals:
      • accessible to all
      • improve public health and wellness
      • connect to community
      • improve safe access to outdoors in baltimore
    4. The current focus is on community outreach and engagement.
    5. Reviewed community engagement events they have done so far over the last 2 years: hikes, community cleanups, pigtown virtual concert series
    6.  Upcoming Events: Move Well Festival - April 23, 2022 from 11 am - 4 pm at 1500 Washington Blvd - Open to everyone - also looking for volunteers!
      Pigtown Climbs Community Needs Survey: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPtg42Q2X2IunOgFgvQdHGA007-eUFkXXiwv88McC-zX1cTA/viewform
      Contact: sih@pigtownclimbs.org https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uG4j1NhWmBTR2yocTyZnulaSsewrpAC1/view?usp=sharing
  4. ARC report - one minor application on west side of washington blvd to replace one original remaining window on the back side with a plastic window. The ARC did not support the application because the window in question is visible from the park. 
    Question about activity on a house on Portland - ARC has not reviewed any permit applications for this property. 
  5. Finance Report - Karin presented cash flows for the last 4 years. It was requested that this high level summary be posted online with the meeting summary. Further discussion included:
    1. The RDA should add strategies to raising money to an agenda for the next meeting.

    2.  Could be a task for a fundraising committee. 

    3. Would be good to get community input via an online poll. 

    4. The board will propose a budget to propose at the next community meeting.

  6. Street sweeping update - Discussion around My Father’s Plan - Leslie contacted Dawod Thomas - head of MFP. They request a $100 donation per block for cleanup (no leaf pickup) or $500 for the whole neighborhood. They allready did a walk through with Kurtis to see the area.
    Costello had said in the last meeting that there is no date for street cleaning to come back. Some street sweeping is back but not in this neighborhood.
    Deb volunteered to reach out to parking authority and enforcement to see what the plan is for street sweeping.
    Paul mentions that not all of the neighborhood is supportive of city street sweeping and parking restrictions.
    Next Steps: A motion was made for the Board to work on a budget and how to frame the question for the next community meeting about both MFP and City street sweeping. Motion passed.
    Question about street sweeping - Nancy Mead, confirmed that it’s a state mandate to protect the Chesapeake Bay.
  7. March Recap -
    1. Paper newsletter is back! If anyone didn’t receive it, let Bobby know.

    2. First Friday Happy hour - April was Old Major, Next one will be May 6th - no venue yet.

    3. Recent serial cleanups of encampments on MLK - question about whether we are working with Barre Circle since they are working hard on this issue - Deb wants a report on what’s going on. Sharon is our liaison, Serena from Barre circle has taken the lead on it. Sharon is copied on the emails between Barre Circle and the City.

  8. The next Board meeting will be held on 4/13 and will be hybrid - inperson/zoom - Bobby demonstrated using a zoom poll - it worked for most people, but not all.
    He took a poll to gauge the general feel of in-person meetings. Majority of people were in favor of outdoor in-person meetings, not indoor so Bobby will look into that.
  9. New business - A motion was made to allot $100 to expenses related to an annual easter egg hunt at the tot lot on 4/17/2022- motion passed! Karin will add to the budget. 

Opening day is Monday 4/11.


Paul rubenson
maia tatinclaux
Sidas Saylunas
nancy mead
bobby goodfellow
Leslie Parks
Sharon Reuter
Bill Reuter
Ab Bear
Deb Oneil
kayla dawson
John Loggins
molly goodfellow
Kellie Biesecker
Rachel Abbotts
Sawyer martin
Karin lundquist
Sih Oka-zeh
Susan Clayton
Paul Koprowski
Kate Leitkowski