February 2022 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Attendees (Board members):
Bobby Goodfellow
Maia Tatinclaux
Bill Reuter
Leslie Parks
Julie Day
Christine Middleton
Gerri Salley
Karin Lundquist
Ab Bear

Community Members:
Michelle Snyder  
Jason Drecchio

Old Business: 

  1. How to prompt committees and how to promote them/get participation from general community?
  • Bobby asked how to promote? 
  • Christine suggested having a list of committees somewhere like the newsletter or website with points of contact to join and disclaimer at the bottom to say what to do if you want to form a new committee.
  • Gerri likes this idea. It would be good to include any available information on meeting times and dates (typically). She brought up people not wanting to have their contact information on the website and how we can address that. 
  • Bobby thinks that if you are going to lead a committee you should be willing to have your contact info out there. 
  • Leslie suggested a generic email on the website that is forwarded to the committee chair. Also suggested doing a flyer to get the word out on committees.
  • Bill says he can set that up, but agrees with Bobby that people should be willing to have contact info out there. 
  • Gerri responded we should have an option for anyone who isn’t comfortable with that.
  • Leslie also suggested a gmail account for each committee - Bill agreed that would work and we would leave that up to each committee chair to create.
  • It was suggested to do a spotlight of a single or two committees each community meeting. Like an elevator pitch from each chair at the next community meeting. 
  1. How to promote member in good standing documentation system. Bobby asked what do we need? 
  • Christine suggested adding a link to the list on the homepage. 
  • BIll said he can do that. He will add a line to the newsletter. 
  • Christine brought up why don’t we go back to paper newsletters? Bobby moved to move this discussion to new business at the end of this meeting. 
  • Julie brought up that newsletter delivery is one of the ways to earn member in good standing.
  1. 207 S. Fremont - brought up by Greg Laub at the end of the last community meeting. 
  • Bobby asks what should we do? Bobby suggested we write a letter against actions that would include provisions for RPP access but would like to see the property developed.. 
  • Members of the board were unsure if the variance is to allow the units into RPP or not require the developer to provide off-street parking. 
  • Ab will look into this and report back.
  1. Bobby wants to shoot for in-person meeting in April provided city positivity rates remain low and weather is conducive to an outdoor meeting.

New Business:

  1. Bill reminded everyone of the upcoming cleanup on February 19th. Board agreed to allow Bill to use RDA funds to buy trash bags for the cleanup.
  2. Finance committee will provide report at next community meeting. Christine will schedule a committee meeting with Karin, Bobby, and Chad.
  3. Bill is organizing a tour of lexington market

Floor opened to community members in attendance. Michelle had comments on the upcoming cleanup. She brought up recent arson against homeless population. She mentioned that at a previous cleanup some people “cleaned up” a homeless person’s tent and belongings and that the purpose of the community cleanup is to support the community and not harm members of a vulnerable population.

Board meeting was adjourned.