February 2022 Community Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Bobby opened the meeting and had a moment of silence for fallen firefighters

Bobby brought up that the January meeting summary has been on the website for all to review. Approval of last month’s meeting summary was discussed, but not completed immediately as the secretary took attendance to determine whether there was a quorum of members in good standing.

Odessa Phillips from the  Reimagine the Middle Branch Project joined the meeting and shared powerpoint presentation reviewing progress of the project thus far and requested that community members take an outreach survey. 

Outreach survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/rmbsurvey2022

She also announced an upcoming virtual public meeting 2/24/2022 6-8 pm. RSVP at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reimagine-middle-branch-2nd-virtual-public-meeting-tickets-238748973607?utm_campaign=RMB_PublicMtg2

Community members posed the following questions for Odessa on Reimagine the Middle Branch:

What is the anticipated timeline? Has COVID affected the schedule?
They are hoping to have a full plan by the end of spring. Still need to secure the rest of funding before construction can go forward. Some grant money is in place, but some is still needed. Trying to do things one step at a time. Middle branch recreation center due to open soon.

Officer Owens gave a crime report:
He said there have not been too many issues in Ridgely’s lately. The police are focusing on suspicious activity of people standing around - need to watch out for car jackings. Don't leave anything visible in your car, people are stealing coats, belongings, lots of things. Suggested community members partner with CitiWatch program by registering Ring cameras with citiwatch.

Member in good standing discussion - Maia confirmed there was a quorum of members in good standing this meeting. Maia went over the google form made by Leslie to individually report activities that count towards good standing. She also reviewed  the list that’s present on the website of activities that count towards good standing. Paul brought up what else we can do to get the word out for people to earn their good standing. Suggested nextdoor, newsletter, etc. Bobby asked for greater community input, none was offered, tabled discussion for next board meeting.

Maia made a motion to maintain the existing list of activities that count towards good standing. Motion passed.

Bobby provided a January recap:

  • 27 Gems letter of support was delivered and the business was happy to report that the City approved their permits
  • New little library made from an old beehive in Conway Park. 
  • Held the first board meeting with the new board.  The finance and tot lot committees were newly formed.
  • A community cleanup is Feb. 19 9:00 am at tool shed
  • Next board meeting is next wednesday at 7 pm via Zoom, community members are welcome to join.

The following committees provided reports:

ARC - The Pratt st project proceeding. Backlog of feedback for CHAP has been taken care of, all projects are currently in CHAP’s court.

Tot lot committee - Made a wishlist for tot lot improvements. Top priority was replacement of infant swings. Got the parks department to replace the swings. Have contacted the parks department for replacement of spongy ground under play structure. Now on the list but may still be a couple years out. Contact Molly Goodfellow at if you’d like to get involved or email president@ridgelysdelight.org.

New Business:

Greg Laub brought up that 207 S. Fremont has a zoning department hearing February 22nd at 1 pm for a variance for off-street parking requirements for the 3 unit development. ARC has been in contact with O’Connell and Jenkins - developer that submitted rehab plans to CHAP. Greg thought that Zhalco had sold the property to pimlico capital for rehab/redevelopment.

Paul made a motion to adjourn. Bobby second. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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Bobby goodfellow
Christine Middleton
Gerri Salley
Greg Rieke
Greg laub
Jason Drecchio
John Loggins
Julia lebherz
Julie Day
Karin Lundquist
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