January 2022 Board Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bobby Goodfellow
Maia Tatinclaux
Bill Reuter
Leslie Parks
Gerry Salley
Karin Lundquist
Julie Day
Paul Rubensen
Ab Bear
Christine Middleton

We determined that we had a quorum of members in good standing at the January 5th community meeting so the vote on providing a letter of support was the official vote.

The president presented the board with a draft letter of support and it was finalized.

THe president asked if we should discuss finer points of administrative items at the community meeting. One concern presented is that we don’t want to scare new members away by getting too detailed in procedural concerns. Rather, it was suggested that when items get too in depth we can table for a board meeting and then discuss further at the following board meeting. Other members raised concerns that this could make some community members feel left out. As long as the board meeting is advertised to the group this should not be an issue. Bobby asked how long we should spend on a certain topic or issue before we table - Leslie suggested 10-15 min. 

Bylaws discussion:
Maia suggested we do an overview of bylaws or specific issues at a meeting sometime to get ideas. Karin suggested we do regular reviews of bylaws. Paul said he’s supposed to do that as parliamentarian and there is the bylaws committee which is now down a few members so maybe no longer a committee. Leslie agrees we should review bylaws as a board at least annually. 

Member is good standing discussion:
Paul said it will be difficult to change things that count towards member in good standing and we may want to consider leaving the items that count as-is. Leslie suggested a dues system with a nominal fee such as $5 per month. Paul brought up that a dues system was rejected at the formation of the RDA because participation was deemed more important than money.

Gerri brought up concerns that it’s been difficult in the past to keep good standing especially to make meetings. Gerri stated that she is in favor of getting rid of member in good standing.

Bill brought up that the community hasn’t voted on any major issues in the last few years. Bobby said he reviewed the meeting summaries over the last few years and the last major community vote was in 2019 to allow medical waivers for good standing.

Paul said that while that might be true, when contentious issues come up, it’s a big deal and people care whether they can vote. Christine said that even if it’s not frequent, we should have a process established to have community votes.

Bobby presented what the bylaws say now. There is also the list of additional activities that can count towards good standing. He asked Maia how she feels about keeping track.

Leslie suggested that we have a google form to self-report. Maia responded that people push back on technology-dependent solutions and we try to make it easier for people. Leslie suggested we do both - google form and current form of reporting. Maia and Leslie agreed to work on this together so we can have it ready to present at the next community meeting.

Christine asked why we can’t just let people at the meetings vote. Paul said it was like that for a long time, but when large issues such as a new development come up, usually there are several meetings that discuss things. So one neighbor can round up people before the vote without them having much information.

Bobby suggested we recommend the existing list of activities that count towards member in good standing to continue at the next community meeting. 

Committees Discussion:
Committees Required by the bylaws:
Nominating committee - chaired by past president, needs to be carefully run per the bylaws

Finance committee - Christine offered to chair, Karin member, will ask at next community meeting if anyone else wants to join

ARC - Paul is chair, there are 5 other members including the 

Parking - Ab is chair, there are 7 other members, they are working on:

  • VPP
  • trying to work with enforcement to increase enforcement - Julie pointed out that they are enforcing on washington and portland
  • meet virtually as-needed, about monthly

Bylaws- Paul is chair, 3 other members
The President wants the bylaws committee to work on behalf of community and be directed by the board.

Tot lot - (see minutes from last community meeting)

President said he wants all board members on a committee, Leslie asked if we can form a new one - Yes!

Ab brought up that all committees don’t need to report to the board but just go ahead and get things done (example is the beautification committee in the past) Committee discussion tabled for next board meeting. Will finalize new committees and how to recruit members.