Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Ridgely’s Delight
Friday, October 30, 2020 - 4:30pm to 7:00pm

Photos from the event

Everyone is invited, please join in the fun

Thanks for your interest in our new Ridgely’s Halloween tradition, brought to us by Covid-10.. We will be creating a pumpkin scavenger hunt for the kids of the neighborhood instead of traditional trick-or-treating. All interested neighbors who have signed up to display a pumpkin on their stoop will be assigned a number and letter to carve or paint on their pumpkin. Feel free to be as creative as you want, just make sure that both your assigned number and letter are easy to see/read. We ask that participating pumpkins be put out on your stoop 2-3 days prior to October 30th. This will give us the opportunity to “test” the scavenger hunt to make sure all of that children will be able to successfully complete the hunt. 

How Does the Scavenger Hunt Work?

Participating students/families that have signed up will receive a map of the neighborhood with all of the participating pumpkins (with their assigned number) placed on the map so that they can be located. Once a child arrives at the pumpkin, they will know they are at the right place as they will see the number somewhere on the pumpkin. They will then write the letter that they find on the pumpkin in the corresponding space below the map. Once children find all the letters they will decode a secret message! The last stop will be the Tot Lot at the corner of Penn and Melvin Drive, where the children who have completed the decoding of the message will receive a free art and STEAM project kit donated by neighbor, Kurtis Donnelly, and Baltimore Non-Profit, Young Audiences of Maryland. The kits will be available on Friday, October 30 from 4:30-7:30PM. Please note: Once families receive the map, you can complete the hunt in any order you would like. You don’t have to start by finding the pumpkin labelled #1.

Download the Scavenger Hunt code sheet and map

How Do I Sign Up to Display a Pumpkin on My Stoop?

Thanks to all of the neighbors who have already signed up to display pumpkins! Any neighbors who would like to sign up, we ask that you do so by October 5 so that we can have time to create the map and message, assign the letters and numbers and give everyone time to create their pumpkin. To sign up, please email beautificationchair.rda@gmail.com with your address!

How Do I Sign Up My Children to Participate in the Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt?

We ask that all families let us know that they plan on participating so that we can a) ensure we have enough kits for kids and b) so we can either email or supply a printed copy of the scavenger hunt map and secret message decoder. To sign up, please email beautificationchair.rda@gmail.com with the number of students that would like to participate as well as their current grade level. There are three versions of art kits based on grade level, which is why we need this information!

How Else Can I Help?

We would love to get every kid in the neighborhood to come out and participate. Please help spread the word to any neighbors who have children, and encourage them to sign up!