September Community Meeting

Type of meeting: 
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Convened at 7:05pm

Committee reports

  1. Parking (Ab) – RPP enforcement and Status of VPP

    • Parking enforcement started Sept 1

      1. Old passes are still valid as are visitors passes

      2. Go to PABC website if you have a new car or new to the neighborhood (can also find out on Next-door)

    • VPP pilot is been delayed again due to COVID-19. Another beta test was run by the city which went well

    • City and BGE are still looking of site for Elect car charging stations

    • City council bill to increase density and parking requirements. 

      1. The thinking might be that if they flood the streets with cars, you won’t want a car

      2. The bill is probably dead…but we should keep an eye on this

    • Deb made a motion: in order to improve communication relative to parking and other matters- that the listserv created for the RVA be used to share other information that the RDA committees deem to be time sensitive 

      1. Motion was seconded by Paul

      2. Discussion

        1. Bill: Board voted unanimously to keep the listserv to only newsletter

        2. Deb: I don’t anticipate that this will be used for trivial matters, but rather, for example, if the city proposes some major change

        3. Al suggested a friendly amendment: only use it for official information from the City/State that relates to RD. The friendly amendment was accepted

        4. Bill: suggested that under the current membership standing rules, that there is an absence of a quorum for a vote

      3. Motion was tabled for a future board vote (via email or perhaps a separate emergency meeting)

  2. ARC (Paul) – Construction updates for 725 Pratt

    • Zahlco came back to Chap with minor to medium changes

    • ARC made several recommendation that were all supported by CHAP who seem to be ready to “play hardball”

    • List of items

      1. High quality metal siding on front must stay

      2. Change the back to stucco

      3. Sides east/west = cinderblock wall (no one wanted that). There will have to be some design to it

      4. Back parking area surrounded by iron fencing and brickwork around…they are keeping all

      5. Original historic sidewall (next to old Peace and a Cup of Joe building)…that was found to be instable and therefore must be taken down. They can take it out but replace with something appropriate…they suggested putting 20 ft of brick wall…CHAP agreed

      6. We need to be involved with light and signage decisions when that comes up

    • There is movement with Indian Pavilion

  3. Bylaws (Paul) – upcoming election, medical clause in use for all members to be in good standing. 

    • Discussed in parking committee section

  4. Beautification (Megan)– SWGP grant close out, Halloween, fall planting, upcoming meeting

    • About $3,900 awarded

    • Trying to be reimbursed for about $1.5k

    • Some money was returned

    • Working and installing garden in many locations in the neighborhood

    • Teach children of the community about gardening

    • 8 gardens for fall planting

    • Plans for how to proceed for fall planting

  5. SWGP Partnership (Bill) – 

    • When COVID hit, the casino revenue dried up, but it looks like it may pick up again, but it is unsure

    • Money was used for several food drives

    • The middle branch master plan is back on. 

    • A new trash wheel being built under the Gwynn’s Falls river near incinerator.  Contest for a name

    • Starting a series of non-profit workshops starting October 8, via Zoom and free.  Go to FB page for more info

  6. Treasury (Chad) – 

    • $9874.09 balance

    • No expenditures – expecting funds from Megan which will then be dispersed accordingly


New Business

  1. List serve reminder to receive Newsletter

    • If you not received please let us know…make sure it does end up in spam filter

  2. Halloween 2020 – pumpkin scavenger hunt

    • A pumpkin scavenger hunt in lieu of trick or treating. Anyone who wants to help, please email Megan

    • Everyone gets a number and a pumpkin

    • Prizes awarded

    • Already have 16 houses involved

  3. Holidays – Do we want to do a canned food drive for Thanksgiving/Christmas, since many families have been affected by COVID-19. 

    • Canned food or coat drive for Thanksgiving for families affected by COVID-19

    • Paul’s Place

    • Al would like to explore this more in the board…to do something as a community

    • Maybe do something for BARCs as well. (Note: They are only taking open food and only things that are new.)

  4. Safety - General discussion of safe practices for new residents.

  5. City Service - Updates (status of recycling and general rules on garbage)

    • Recycling is suspended until end of Oct/Early Nov at the earliest. 

    • Yellow cans left out will be a problem. 

      1. Please turn them over so they don’t collect rain/trash 

      2. If you can, just remember not to leave them out or fill them up.

    • The board will consider ways to keep the neighborhood informed about this

    • There are rollup dumpsters that can be used



At 8:12pm