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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Committee reports

Parking (the latest on virtual parking and the charging stations letter)

  • No renewal of stickers so VPP is going to be a must

  • We will sign up after the 8 neighborhoods that have already expired

  • We sent an email to parking authority expressing our general interest in the vehicle charging station, they accepted our interest

ARC (latest (if anything) on Indian Pavilion and the Zahlco Pratt Street apartment development) 

  • Should be seeing activity at Pratt street site soon if not already

  • Trying to set up a meeting

  • A whole list of things to present to developers

  • Indian Pavilion – we should expect things start to happening there

  • Plans for building are conservative (ARC generally supportable) but did not reach out to the neighborhood for suggestions or input

Gateway Partnership (beautification grant)

  • Had a 7-million-dollar budget, but the casino shut down so there is no money coming in

  • What money they had is going to MD food bank and some other projects

  • Beautification grant: Sharon got receipts from everyone that did projects and closed that out

  • There is some money left and Sharon is looking at a few projects (i.e. taking down tree at the Sunoco lot).

  • Motion: move the conversation of the leftover money to the beautification committee – amended to just be Chad, Sharon, and Deb talk – motion passes

New Business

What are we going to do about voting in November if this COVID continues into July and August? 

  • Can we use the recently passed “medical exemption” for member in good standing – give a blanket exemption

  • Al is planning to perhaps have and outdoor (SD) meeting outside (location TBD)

    • We would need an RSVP so that the maximum number rule is not violated


Should we attempt a 'socially distant' movie in the park? (masks and sitting 6 feet apart)

  • Tabled

Zoning conversation

  • Three big points (Department of Planning meeting)

    • Charging stations (the city is moving forward) we will keep you informed

    • C1 zoned (building on Pratt)

    • Allowing subdivision of lots or other redesigning lots. 

    • Also, a lot of discussion and opinions on parking…another meeting is planned.

Does a community make a statement on BLM and George Floyd

  • Where would such a statement go? (Next Door, FB, or email blast, Ridgely Record?)

  • Maybe a joint statement with neighboring communities?

  • Motion: Farzana will draft something and send it to the committee for review. Once the draft is complete, we will decide where to put it. - motion passes

Shall we buy a Zoom account?

  • Can we look at Google meet (which is free) or other options? Megan will do research.